The Genshin Impact Monthly pass is reasonably worth it. The card gives better Primogem value when compared to buying and converting Genesis Crystals.

Total Value

RewardsTotal Value*
300 Genesis Crystals300
90 Primogems per day for 30 Days2,700
*30 Day Primogem Equavalent

Genesis Crystals can be converted to Primogems on a 1:1 ratio. Therefore your 30 day pass can be equated to a total value of 3,000 Primogems.

But how good is this?

Farming Primogems

Players can roughly farm 3,000 Primogems a month. This is from Daily Commissions and Spiral Abyss. However the latter of these two is not accessible early on.

Relying on just Daily Commissions alone would only net you 1,800 Primogems a month.

But let’s just say you’re able to clear the higher stages of Spiral Abyss. That’s still a month worth of rewards.

Essentially the monthly card doubles the amount of Primogems you can farm. This is very good value considering how much the card costs.

Speaking of value…

Recharge Equivalent

Purchasing 3,000 Genesis Crystals costs substantially more than the monthly card. Even if we were to take into consideration the first time buyer 2x bonus on the expensive top up package.

This is no surprise as typically Monthly Cards in gacha games give the most value per dollar spent. It’s the game’s reward for you sticking with it.

Summary: Looking to spend on Genshin Impact? The Monthly Card should be one of your first options.

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