This guide will help you farm Bunker Alfa Floor 1 in Last Day on Earth. A staple farming location for EXP and guns.

You will be spending a significant amount of your playtime in this location. Therefore it’s quite beneficial to know how to farm it efficiently.

There are two primary goals for running Bunker Alfa:

  1. Kill Frenzied Giants for EXP
  2. Farm Coupons for armor sets and guns

Coupons are obtained from killing zombies in Bunker Alfa and can be spent at the Terminals located on Floor 01 of Bunker Alfa.

Red coupons give the greatest rewards and are best obtained by killing Frenzied Giants.

Coupon Boxes are also a great way for finding rare parts including those needed to assemble your Chopper Motorbike.

Accessing Bunker Alfa

You will need 2 things to access Bunker Alfa

1. CAC Card A
The card can be found in resource zones as well as the airdrop and military event (Destroyed convoy). It might take some time to find one but you will only need one. Once you use it to open the entrance to Bunker Alfa it will remain open.

2. Access Code (Password)
The Access Code can be obtained via the CB Radio or from Dead Soldiers in resource zones. Alternatively you can join a discord server, download the LDOE code app or just simply head over to this Fandom Page.

Bunker Alfa resets every 2 days. Upon reset you will need a new access code. Grab it from one of the above methods and continue your grind.


Upon entering Bunker Alfa you will notice a bunch of lockers. Use them to store your loot, equipment, food and water.

This upper level does not reset and therefore these lockers can be used for storage (May change in the future, however currently it is accepted as safe practice).


For your first few runs craft and equip the Dad’s Armor Set (Dad Hat, Shirt, Cargo Pants and Sneakers).

Craft a few Crowbars (At least 2 with full durability) for your primary DPS weapon and cook several stacks of Carrot Stew (At least 3 full stacks) for healing.

After you improve your armor you will eat through less healing items.

If you have them take your Skull Crushers and Saw Blade Maces as well as any guns you may have collected so far.

Your First Goal

Aim to clear Floor 02 until you have 20x Green Coupons to open your first Ration Coupon Box (Green Box). Inside the box you will find the Beanie Set (Beanie, Thick Jacket, Denim Jeans, Work Boots) and guns!

Floor 03 is a bit more difficult therefore its best to have at least the Beanie Set as well as a few guns to make the most of the Frenzied Giants down there.

Tip: Don’t let your Beanie set pieces break. Instead reinforce them to recover their durability to full.

Floor 01

This is the first floor of the lower levels of Bunker Alfa. There isn’t much here however there are a few things to note.

Coupon Box Terminals

Here’s how many coupons you will need for each respective box:

  • 20x Ration Coupon (Green)
  • 25x Survival Kit Coupon (Yellow)
  • 30x Combat Gear Coupon (Red)

Cut Finger

Bunker Alfa – Cut Finger Room

If you have the severed finger item (found at Destroyed Convoy event) you can open a room (west of terminals – see above) for additional loot.

The Specialist

Bunker Alpha – Overseer’s Room

Once rescued (Floor 02) The Specialist can be found in the Overseer’s Room (See Above).

Here is where you can activate Hard Mode. Give the Specialist Identification Tags, Chevrons and Military Notebooks (from Hard Mode) in exchange for Reputation to unlock a variety of rewards.

Clearing the Floor

Clearing this level is quite straight forward. Just make use of sneak and kill all the zombies with your Crowbar.

Left: Reception Zombie (sneak)
Right: Door in front leads to Cut Finger Room

Just below the reception is the bathroom. Just ignore this room with the Floater Bloater as there’s nothing but a shower in there. Moving on …

Left: Can only sneak one of the zombies.
Right: Another simple kill.

Don’t forget to loot everything along the way. Searchable Crates, boxes etc will display as brown boxes on your mini map.

Next Up: Floor 2