ragnarok mobile recycle restore equipment

Glow Metal is used for equipment upgrades. There are two ways to get Glow Metal. The first being off the exchange (Sold at 25,000z) and the other being through the Recycle Equipment feature. So which method should you use? Lets first look at how Recycle Equipment works.

How to Recycle Equipment

You will find the Restore/Recycle Equipment NPC (Pyrolising Stoves) in Prontera. This furnace with a kettle on its head is the same NPC that is used to remove cards, enhancement and upgrades from your gear (Restore Equipment Feature). All you need to do now is sacrifice some unwanted equipment to receive Glow Metal.

What Can You Recycle

The amount of Glow Stone you can receive will depend on the equipment you are feeding to the furnace. So what can you recycle? Generally any equipment that can be One-Tap sold (The quick sell option that appears when you drag down in your inventory bag) cannot be used. All Eden equipment also cannot be used. Equipment that doesn’t fall under either of these two categories can be used.

But “Tidal Shoes” are worth 90k+ on the exchange why would I sacrifice that for one Glow Stone. Well in Ragnarok Mobile there are price floors, this means the price of items cannot drop below a certain threshold regardless of the demand. This means there will be items on the exchange that simply wont sell as its just not worth the price. Feel free to try and sell those Tidal Shoes. Didn’t sell? Well you can still use it for Glow Stone, either that or sell it to the NPC for a measly 375z.

Exchange vs Recycle

So the choices are pay 25,000z and purchase off the exchange vs use the Recycle Equipment feature. If we consider the equipment used to be only their NPC sale value then it would be cheaper to Recycle. This is because the odds of obtaining Glow Stone is quite good. At least in my experience even with the worst equipment fodder (giving 0-1 Glow Stone) I found that I was receiving more than 1 Glow Stone every 2 tries. In essence costing me less than 25,000z per Glow Stone.