This Auto Chess Patch introduces balance changes to Beast and Goblin Synergies along with changes to some specific chess pieces.


  1. Beast
    (2): All Allies (including the summoned) +15% Attack. (instead of 10%)
  2. Goblin
    (3): Grants a random Ally +15 Armor (instead of 12) and +15 HP Restoration (instead of 10) 
    (6): Grants all Allies +15 Armor and +15 HP Restoration (instead of 10) 
  3. Lord of Sand
    Burrow Dash deals [150/250/450] magical damage (instead of [150/250/350])  
  4. Spider Queen
    has [900/1800/3600] basic HP (instead of [800/1600/3200])  
  5. Flame Wizard
    Laguna Blade grants herself the ATK speed bonus without stack limit (instead of 2 stacks) 
  6. Grimtouch
    Ink Splash has a CD time of [20/15/10] seconds (instead of [16/12/8])
  7. Shaman
    (4): after being hexed, this enemy will inherit the HP status and the equipped items from its former form with full mana. (the inherited Items won’t be displayed in the Item slots)
  8. Lava Shaman
    Lava Swirl has a radius of [1.5/2.5/3] grids (instead of 2.5/3/4]) 
  9. Required EXP for leveling up the your chess player (except for Quick Mode)
    From Lv.10 to Lv.11: 20 EXP (instead of 40)
    From Lv.11 to Lv.12: 30 EXP (instead of 40)


  1. Fixed the error in the Novice Tutorial mode
  2. Fixed the issue where the Shaman synergy incorrectly took effect on the summons
  3. Optimized the matchmaking mechanism
  4. Fixed the issue where you didn’t get the Items dropped from the creeps at Round 10 & 15


  1. Summer Lucky Chest
  2. Skins for Flame Wizard and Shining Archer
  3. Joyful Beach (chessboard)


  1. “Item Redeem” event
  2. “Daily Share” event”