In Ragnarok Mobile Base Potions and Job Potions can be used to give your character instant EXP to level up. Lets take a look at how to get EXP Potions and how many you need.

How to Get EXP Potions

You can get (L) and (XL) Base and Job Potions from the Pet Labor Item Shop.

EXP Potion Chart

BASE Potion (XL)1,000,000 Base Exp
BASE Potion (L)500,000 Base Exp
Refined Job Potion*4,000,000 Job Exp
JOB Potion (XL)100,000 Job Exp
JOB Potion (L)50,000 Job Exp
Conjury Power Potion**1,000,000 Base Exp
1,000,000 Job Exp
*Refined Job Potions are available from events and via the BCC Shop Growth Tab.

**Conjury Power Potion can be purchased from the Magic Treasure Building (Wasteland Map) after unlocking via Divine Spirit Tree

How Many Potions to Drink

For Base Levels it takes around 11,495,746,691 EXP to get to Lv. 170. That’s around 11,496 BASE Exp (XL) Potions.

More importantly you’re probably wondering about the Job Potions as you’ve probably saved these pots for your multi job.

Below is an estimate of how much JOB Potions you’ll need. All figures are based off Job EXP chart found here. Please drink your potions gradually as any excess exp gained that exceeds your Job Level cap is wasted.

Level ReachedJob EXPRefined Job PotionJob Potion (XL)Job Potion (L)
1st Job
Lv. 1-402,524,24032651
2nd Job
Lv. 1-4031,747,34232318635
2nd Transcended
Lv. 1-70897,336,410898897417,947
3rd Job
Lv. 1-807,083,300,2407,08470,834141,666
Potion estimates are rounded to the nearest whole potion

As you can probably tell you need a lot of Job Potions to max your character. However you should have enough to reach 3nd Job Transcended.

Leveling your Novice Guardian? Please note that this particular multi job starts at 2nd Transcended.