The Ragnarok Mobile Echoing Corridor (Infinite Corridor) is a new weekly dungeon instance added in Episode 7.

Fight through 30 Levels with up to a Party of 3 for Brave’s Holy Emblems which can be exchanged for a variety of rewards.

Where to Enter

The Echoing Corridor NPC can be found towards the center of Prontera (See Above). You can enter the dungeon Solo or team up in a party of 3 players.

Saving and Loading Progress

  • You can Save your progress every Level.
  • If you Load progress you must be in the same party that it was saved in.
  • Gold and Items earned in the dungeon are saved.
  • There are a total of 30 Floors to clear (reset weekly).
  • These floors are split into 1-10, 11-20 and 21-30 segments.
  • Clearing each segment will allow you to begin from the next segment even with a different party.

The Levels

  • Each Level has 9 Rooms.
  • After entering a room you must clear it before moving onto another room.
  • You need 3 Keys to progress to the next Level (As of Episode 7 Part 4 Update rooms 1-30 will now only require 2 Keys to clear)
  • Progressing Levels earns you Brave’s Holy Emblems.
  • Passing MVP, Monster and Bonus rooms reward Keys.
  • Bonus Rooms contain obstacles you must survive for a set amount of time.
  • Failing in a Bonus Room will not boot you from the dungeon.
  • There is a 10x Res Limit for every 10 Levels.
  • Rest Room is just an Empty Room where you can change jobs, heal up etc.
  • Shop is where you can exchange your Gold for items.

Tip: The goal is to progress through Levels. MVP rooms are the hardest. Best to avoid them if possible. Ideally you will clear a Bonus Room + 2x Normal Monster rooms then find the Next Level room.

The Stats

In the instance you’ll notice a lil stat counter on the right hand side. These tell you the Level you are on, your Gold count, number of Keys you have for the Level and your party’s Res Limit.

The Shop

The shop is where you can spend your gold on useful items. One of these items include the Osteoacusis Chip which allows you to port back to a safe zone after entering a room.

This is useful when you run into difficult MVPs. Simply port out and pick another room.

The Rewards

Here’s what you can exchange your Brave’s Holy Emblems for. It includes the Beast Doll Costume!