Level Mechanics fast in Project Zomboid by uninstalling/reinstalling windshields and car windows. To hotwire cars you will need Level 2 Mechanics and Level 1 Electrical.

If you picked the Burglar occupation you’ll have the ability to hotwire vehicles without the character skill requirement.

Read Skill Books

Read the Mechanics skill book for faster leveling. The Vol. 1 skill books will boost exp for skill rank 1 and 2.

Head to your closest school to find the books you need. Riverside and Rosewood School Locations.

Leveling Mechanics

Mechanics can be leveled by uninstalling/installing car parts. With just a screwdriver you can remove the windows, radio, battery and lights for exp.

With a Jack and Wrench/Lug Wrench you’ll be able to change the tires, brakes and suspension of a vehicle.

You will however only receive exp every 24hrs for that part you successfully uninstall/reinstall. But you will receive exp even for failing to uninstall a component (it does damage the part though). Best part is the 24hr rule doesn’t apply to failing.

Therefore you can quickly get the initial levels of Mechanics by continuously failing to uninstall windows (it’ll give exp even when the component drops to 0%). You can keep uninstalling the component for exp until you are successful.

Here’s How to Level Electrical Fast.

How to Hotwire a Car

  1. Once you have the necessary skills press “V” to open the vehicle radial menu.
  2. Select Hotwire Engine.
  3. It might take a few attempts but once successful you’ll see wires sticking out of the key socket. You can now press “W” to start the engine.