auto chess mobile hunters

The Hunters strategy is a very strong late game build due to its high damage and AoE crowd control capabilities. It is made up of 6 Hunters with a 3 piece frontline.

Welcome to an introduction to Hunters – Auto Chess Mobile Drodo Edition. This synergy provides your hunters with a huge damage boost as well as evasion pierce (great counter to feathered).

With the addition of the Shining Archer, this build no longer requires the legendary Tsunami Hunter to complete the 6 Hunter Synergy. Therefore you no longer need to wait for level 9 to have a good chance at obtaining that massive damage boost.

Skull Hunter has been temporarily removed from the game. Therefore you will again need Tsunami Hunter to complete this build.

(3) Hunter – All friendly hunters have +35 attack damage and +35% chance to pierce evasion.
(6) Hunter – All friendly hunters have +45 attack damage and +45% chance to pierce evasion.

Whilst hunters have incredible offensive ability they tend to lack in the defensive department. Therefore to get the most out of your powerful hunter back line you will need a strong tankey front line to soak up your opponents damage.

Luckily for hunters they also have amazing AoE crowd control. Adding the Siren and Tsunami Stalker to your lineup will certainly help delay your opponents’ push.

The Lineup

Let’s take a quick look at the Hunter pieces.

auto chess egersis ranger
Egersis Ranger
(1 Gold) Carry
Your basic DPS carry. Consider adding another Egersis piece (Eg. Evil Knight/Soul Reaper) to your lineup for (2) Egersis - All enemies have -4 armor. This is a very good complement to your high physical damage hunter build.

Have a Frantic Mask? Definitely place it on Egersis Ranger. She will benefit from the improved attack speed whilst not being affected by her silence as her ability is a passive.
auto chess skull hunter
Skull Hunter
Cave Clan/Hunter
(2 Gold) Durable
The only early game tank piece out of the hunters. You will want to place him in your front line (But to the side) as you'll have more than enough hunter pieces occupying your back line. Pair this unit up with either Redaxe Chief or Swordman for your early front line.

Shining Archer
(2 Gold) Disabler, Carry
A very unique skill. The damage and duration of its stun will depend on the difference between you and your opponent's ranking on the match leaderboard.
auto chess dwarf sniper
Dwarf Sniper
(3 Gold) Carry, Nuker
A long range carry with a burst nuke. Place this piece right in the corner to make the most of its range.

Dwarf Sniper is also a very good contender for carrying your damage items. This is especially the case if you employ the turtle strategy as this piece will likely get a hit or two off before any of your other pieces.

Additionally its skill "Headshot" has a much quicker cast time than Windranger, leaving it more time for auto attacks.
auto chess wind ranger
Wind Ranger
(3 Gold) Nuker
Another DPS hunter for your lineup. This one however has a powerful AoE magical damage skill. To improve the reliability of Wind Ranger's Powershot skill place the piece in your back line against the wall. This helps ensure the skill has the highest chance of hitting more opponent pieces.
auto chess siren
(4 Gold) Disabler
Siren is one of two AoE crowd control pieces available in the hunter lineup. One drawback is that her skill takes a while to cast. Once she is durable enough (2 Star+), consider placing her in your front line (but to the side) so that she can charge up her skill faster.
auto chess tsunami stalker
Tsunami Stalker
(5 Gold) Disabler
A Legendary Hunter. Tsunami Stalker not only provides AoE crowd control but also is quite a durable piece. Unlike Siren, Tsunami Stalker casts its disable skill immediately once ready.

As a bonus, adding Tsunami Stalker to Siren will provide your team (2) Marine - All allies have +30% magic resistance.

Early Game

Your early game goal will be building a strong front line. You could simply open with Goblin/Mech. Cave Clan is also another good starting choice as you will need Skull Hunter for your late game hunter build. Consider adding Redaxe Chief or Swordman to your early front line. Just one of these plus your Skull Hunter will provide your Cave Clan pieces with the (2) Cave Clan – All friendly Cave Clans have +250 Max HP synergy.

Looking for a solid front line option? Check out the Holy Trinity.

If you end up with an Egersis Ranger, you may add Evil Knight to your board to receive the (2) Egersis – All enemies have -4 armor synergy. Don’t have any of these? Any two Star piece will do. You will need them to survive the early rounds.

There are various ways you can position your hunters. The most common would be the corner box positioning (See above). Also known as turtle positioning, this makes the most out of your ranged DPS and forces your opponents melee units to come towards you. You will want to place your DPS pieces (Egersis Ranger, Dwarf Sniper and Wind Ranger) right in the corner (as opposed to the basic line formation). Then surround them with more durable units. This also helps protect them from assassins.

Mid Game

Continue building your hunter pieces. You should at least have the (3) Hunter synergy by now. If you have a Skull Hunter and are using the box positioning you can place him in the top left hand corner of your box (as above). This helps him hit as many pieces as possible with its axe throwing skill.

Make do with what pieces you have. Add an Evil Knight for the (2) Egersis bonus, he can be replaced with a Soul Reaper in the late game. Pirate captain is also a welcome addition. He adds a nice AoE crowd control skill to your lineup. In my case I also picked up Argali Knight for the (2) Human and (2) Knight synergies. These synergies will help your team survive the mid game.

Late Game

At level 8 you can start rolling to complete your 6 hunter build. With the addition of the Shining Archer, the highest rarity piece you will need is the Mythical Siren.

Should you push towards Level 9, you may still add a Tsunami Stalker to your lineup. This addition will also provide your team with the (2) Marine synergy.

If you went down the Cave Clan route you may want to consider replacing your Red Axe Chief and Swordsman Pieces to make room for these last two hunter pieces.

A final note on positioning. Whilst a box strategy is quite a solid one size fits all technique. You may want to switch things up and change your layout. One example is during late game where you need to deal with a heavy AoE damage team. In this scenario you may be better off spreading out your units. Additionally placing your Siren and Tsunami Stalker right at the front will help them get their crowd control skills off as soon as possible.

Secondary Synergy

This guide has touched on the potential of the hunter build. Specifically it has looked at the Hunter + Egersis combo. Whilst Egersis is certainly a good secondary synergy for hunters it isn’t the only one. Once you become familiar with Hunters you may wish to explore alternatives.

Final Build

The completed Level 9 build includes 6 Hunters and 3 Additional pieces. The extra pieces are pretty flexible. Just ensure you have a strong front line to soak up your opponents damage.

As an example here’s the final lineup as seen in the late game screenshot above.
You may want to switch out Egersis Ranger or Skull Hunter for Shining Archer.

Doom Arbiter
Dwarf Sniper
Egersis Ranger
Pirate Captain
Skull Hunter
Soul Reaper
Tsunami Stalker
Wind Ranger
0( 2 / 9 )
6( 6 / 6 )
0( 1 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )
1( 1 / 1 )
2( 2 / 4 )
0( 1 / 6 )
2( 2 / 4 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 9 )

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