The Ragnarok Mobile The Heir of the Meteors Update adds the new Taekwon class to the game, Combat Time and Ancient Relic changes.


There’s a lot of new content in this update, below is a list of notable changes:

  1. Added new class Taekwon
  2. Combat Time is now split into Mode Duration and Battle Duration.
    – Mode Duration resets weekly (180mins).
    – Mode Duration can only be used for instances (Oracle, Battle of Cake, Rift).
    – Battle Duration is unchanged (Daily get 450mins for accounts with >= Lv. 160).
  3. Cake Battle limit increased to 7 and Oracle limit increased to 20.
  4. Oracle now costs 60mins combat time.
  5. Ancient Relic Shards can now be used to partially unlock Ancient Relics.
  6. Added Safe Remold (20x Normal or Yellow Dust). Safe Remolds guarantees stats will not drop.

Client Update

  1. Due to the optimization and upgrade of the development engine, you may not access the game from the original client after the maintenance. iOS/Android users must download the latest complete clients through App Store/TapTap to access the game.
  2. The following events will be available as additional update boons after this client update:
    – From 05:00 August 22nd to 05:00 August 29th, the player can additionally obtain [Glittering Rune Stone – Star] x1, [Adventurer Coin] x1, [Time Adventure Potion] x1 from the first completion of the board quest daily
    – From 05:00 August 29th to 05:00 September 5th, the player can additionally obtain [Glittering Rune Stone] x1, [Adventurer Coin] x1, [Fortune Coin] x10 from the first completion of the board quest daily
    For those Adventurers who have been logging in as visitors, please make sure that you upgrade to an official account before proceeding to update.

Class Balance Adjustment

As a key content of the update, the balance of the class will be adjusted more frequently in the future. In general, the adjustment follows a major trend of boosting weaker classes and genres to improve the accessibility of these classes. Through frequent adjustment, the player can find the class that suits them the best in their adventure of Ragnarok M.

I. Team Competition Talent Adjustment

  1. Replaced the talent [Blade and Arrow Buster] with [Frost Barrier]
  2. [Frost Barrier]’s effect: When being attacked, reduces attacker’s Agi by 50/100/150/200 points and increases the Variable Cast Time by 1/2/3/4 second(s) for 4 seconds
  3. When [Frost Barrier] is at Lv. 3, Lv. 4, unlocks the effect “When being attacked, attacker’s Move Spd cannot exceed 100% for 4 seconds”
  4. [Will to Survive] effect: “Removes 2 debuffs from yourself every 8 seconds” changed to “Removes 1 debuff from yourself every 8 seconds”

II. Class Skill Adjustment

  1. Added new effect for Bard’s and Dancer’s [Raging Storm] “Every one stack of [Raging Storm] in the area increases damage by 10%, up to 50%”
  2. Bard’s and Dancer’s [Illusion Puppet] can now support the chorus skill, but at half of its original effect. Only one of the two chorus units’ stats will be used for the effect settlement
  3. Added new effect for Hunter’s [Star Arrows] “Raises remaining Sp’s Auto Attack additionally upon activation”
  4. The Cooldown Time of Dolans’s [Catnip Meteor] is adjusted from 3/3.2/… 5 seconds to a fixed 3-second-long period from Lv. 10 to Lv. 20
  5. Added new effect for Dolans’ [Concentric Earth] “Every 3 points of Luk additionally raises Crit.Dmg by 1%”
  6. Dolans’ [Cat Flying Saucer Bombardment] can now trigger the attack effect
  7. When Alchemist’s [Improved Acid Demonstration] attacks a monster, it will convert some VIT coefficient based on the victim’s Max HP
  8. The Cooldown Time of Alchemist’s [Photosynthesis] is changed from 120/90/60 seconds to 60/40/20 seconds
  9. The available attack block attempts of Alchemist’s [Greenery Light Wall] are adjusted from 2/2/3/3/4 times to 4/4/6/6/8 times
  10. Sage’s [Earth Field] can now clear off enemy’s [Earth Field] instead of stacking with each other
  11. Added new effect for Priest’s [Angelic Barrier] “Melee Phy. DMG Reduc. increases by 1%/2%/…10%”
  12. Assassin’s [Soul Assassination Rune] effect is changed from “Gains 1 Rotation Point upon a critical hit” to “Gains 1 Rotation Point upon a critical hit, and there is a 30% chance to use [Rolling Cutter]”
  13. Assassin’s [Crusading Rune] effect “[Cross Ripper Slasher] ignores Phy. DEF” is changed to “When reaching the limit of Rotation Points, the normal attack triggers [Cross Ripper Slasher], and [Cross Ripper Slasher] ignores Phy. DEF”
  14. The hit% of Assassin’s [Rolling Cutter] increased by 40%
  15. Added new effect for Mechanic’s [The Pioneer] “When the Pioneer is killed in PVP/GVG, [Machine Revolution] will be activated automatically”
  16. Added new effect for Mechanic’s and Ryujinmaru’s [Restart] “The hero’s own DMG Reduction increases by 30% for 10 seconds upon using this skill”
  17. The attack skill ban time after using Ryujinmaru’s [One Hit Kill – Soaring Dragon Sword] and [One Hit Kill – Phoenix Dragon Sword] reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds
  18. Ryuoumaru is no longer removed after Ryujinmaru’s [Dragon King’s Rage] is used
  19. The applied Holy DMG of Inferno Armor’s [Flashing Force] is changed from 20% to 50%
  20. The skill CD duration and cast delay of Inferno Armor’s [Super Spring Flashing Slash] are changed from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds
  21. Inferno Armor can now use [Fortitude Mark Rune]
  22. Mages’ and Slayers’ [Spell Casting Banned] effect is changed from “Select one enemy” to “Select one enemy target and enemies within 4m of the selected target”
  23. Mages’ and Slayers’ [Flare Protection – Star] Word “[Flame Guardian] can absorb all damage” is changed to “[Flame Guardian] can absorb all damage and cannot be dispelled”
  24. Added new effect for Mage’s [Unlimited]: When this skill is triggered, the hero’s own M.Pen. increases by 5% for 10 seconds. The effect can be stacked 3 times
  25. The invalid range of Crusader’s [Devotion] is changed from 7m to 9m
  26. Crusader’s [Devotion] Astrolabe Effect “-2%/-4%/-6% of the shared damage brought by Crusader’s [Devotion]” is changed to “-8%/-16%/-24% of the shared damage brought by Crusader’s [Devotion]”
  27. The usage condition of Crusader’s [Holy Light Barrier] is removed, and the skill is changed to be effective against the hero and other Crusaders

New Class [Taekwon]

  1. Taekwon Class is available
    – At character creation, you can choose Taekwon as the starting character
    – Novice can choose Taekwon as the target to advance The adventurers of other classes can change their classes through the Multi-class System
  2. Taekwon features three transferrable classes:
    – Advanced T2: Taekwon
    – T3: Star Emperor
    – Origin Class Transfer: Apocalypse
  3. Taekwon can be equipped with Book type weapons
  4. Added [Mountain Kirin and Xiezhi] series mount at the Mount Shop. The adventurer who has completed Taekwon T3 can purchase them at the Mount Shop
  5. Guild Artifact Attributes Modification
    – Book Guild Artifact: [Omniscience Grimoire] gets additional Physical Attributes Words
    – [Omniscience Grimoire] Artifact Skill: [Heart of the Storm] gets additional Physical Penetration
  6. New Taekwon Level Rush Event
    – Till 05:00 September 22nd, 2022, the adventurer of Taekwon class who has already changed to Star Emperor (T3) or Apocalypse (Origin Class Transfer) can head to Prontera to find Mysterious Person to claim rewards;
    – Rewards from changing to Star Emperor: [Glittering Rune Stone] x3, [Praying Crystal Self-select Pack] x10
    – Rewards from changing to Apocalypse: Exclusive Card [Star Sun Moon Card] x1, [Special Gift] x1
    – You can open [Special Present] to pick one [Universe Heaven Book [1]] x1 or [Heaven Star Chart[1]] x1 among Taekwon’s exclusive weapon
    – You must claim the rewards from the NPC manually. The overdue unclaimed rewards will be considered to be forfeited;
  7. [Rapid Growth Gift Pack – Taekwon] Giftpack can be purchased after unlocking [Taekwon]
    – Price: 648 Big Cat Coins. The giftpack will remain for 7 days upon activation and cannot be purchased anymore after 7 days. Each account can only purchase 1 of them
    – This giftpack will stop being spawned at 05:00 September 22nd, 2022;
    – Open it to obtain the following contents:
    – [Exclusive Job Potion – Taekwon] x2100, only available to Taekwon. It allows a rapid Job Change
    – [Grade S Rune Voucher – Taekwon] x6, which can be exchanged for Taekwon’s Grade S Rune and Star Rune
    – [Golden Badge of the Seas] x6, which can be exchanged for a set of Fine Ancient Gear;
    – [Origin Book] x5, which can raise T4 Skill Strength;
    – [+10 Weapon Self-select Gift Box – Taekwon] can be unlocked to pick [+10 Universe Heaven Book [1]] or [+10 Heaven Star Chart [1]]

Battle for the Sanctuary Season 7

[Tournament] Season [7] is launched in Battle for the Sanctuary

  1. Tournament Time
    1) The Tournament will be available from September 19th to September 24th
  2. Participation Rules
    1) New [Tournament Mode] available on [Arena] – [Battle for the Sanctuary] tab
    2) The team assembly time lasts from 05:00 Monday to 24:00 Friday. The Adventurer must create/join a tournament team. When the team is filled with 12 players and all members have selected Confirm, the team leader can sign up as a team to join the Tournament
    3) The registration time lasts from 05:00 Friday to 24:00 Friday. The ranking of the registered teams will be settled based on the 12 in-team members’ total points from the 6V6 Team Competition of the previous season. The top 32 teams in the ranking are qualified to join the official match
    4) Upon the end of the registration, the 6V6 scores of the participating teams will be used to settle and confirm the bracket. See the matching rules below:
    – The order is based on the 6V6 scores. The first 1/4 of the teams will be seed teams (For example, 8 teams will be chosen from 32 teams)
    – Among the seed teams, the first 4 teams and last 4 teams will be respectively assigned in the left or right half of different groups
    – The remaining teams will be randomly assigned
    – In the final, all (8 teams) will be randomly assigned
  3. Schedule Rules
    1) The first round of the match will start at 20:00 Saturday. In the last 15 minutes before the match (19:45 – 20:00), the team leader must select [Start Matchmaking] to confirm joining the match. The team who fails to select [Start Matchmaking] within the given 15 minutes will be considered to have forfeited the game
    2) When there are team members who have not registered, offline members, or there are less than 7 members in the team, the team cannot start matchmaking
    3) The match goes with the system of single elimination. Among the 32 teams, there will be 5 rounds of games held to determine the final champion. The defeated team in the last round will be the runner-up. The two defeated teams from the second to last matches will both be 2nd runner-up
    4) You can check out the details rules in the game
  4. Tournament Rewards
    1) Tournament Ranking Rewards:
    – Champion: [Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard] x1
    – 2nd Place: [Ancient Dust] x500
    – 3rd-4th Place: [Ancient Dust] x200
    – 5th-8th Place: [Ancient Dust] x100
    – 9th-16th Place: [Ancient Dust] x50
    – 17th-32nd Place: [Honor Proof] x5,000
    – [Ancient Dust] can be used to exchange for Blue Relic Shards. When you have accumulated a specific amount, you can exchange them for [Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard]
    2) The top 16 players will all obtain brand new Back Headwear: [Lightning Feather] and [Exclusive Chat Frame]
    – When the adventurer is using a specific chat box transmogrification item, they will activate the transmogrification function of the corresponding chat box pattern
    – The adventurer can tap on the character avatar to find the corresponding chat box transmogrification label in transmogrification interfaces of personal avatar, background board, etc. They can then select a pattern to change their chat box appearance
    – The Channels that support the change of chat box currently: World, Guild, Chat Room, Proximity, Private Chat (Chat Box Change does not apply to messages with only Emoji)

GVG Adjustment

The 2nd season of GVG that is originally scheduled to be available on September 24th will be available later. Please follow the subsequent announcement for time details

This update will come with the following rules adjustment and introduce Casual Play

  1. New GVG Mercenary System
    – The player can select a guild from [More]>[Guild]>[Guild Lobby] to request to be selected as the guild’s mercenary. They can also tap on a player’s portrait to request/invite to form a mercenary employment
    – Each guild can hire up to 10 mercenaries, and each player can only be hired by 1 guild.
    – During GVG, mercenaries have the same friend or enemy relationship with the employer’s guild
    – The employment relationship is only valid for GVG, not for any other environment
    – Mercenaries receive the same individual weekly rewards as members of their employer’s guild but cannot receive their employer’s guild season rewards
    – When you are in the preparation area and GVG map during GVG, the mercenary’s names are randomized in the eyes of the enemy
    – During GVG, mercenaries can enter the employer’s guild city preparation area from the GVG teleportation point in the guild territory
    – No more employment relationship changes are allowed from 30 minutes before the start of GVG to the end
    – Artifacts may not be assigned to mercenaries
  2. New GVG Chat Channel
    – Once the employment is formed, the mercenary and other members of the employer guild who are not yet employed by other guilds can communicate with each other on the GVG channel to discuss strategies and tactics
  3. New Tactical Sand Table at GVG Preparation Area Platform
    – During the GVG, players can view the real-time battle situation on the current battlefront through the tactical sand table, such as the owner of the Emperium and the HP, the owner of the stronghold and the remaining Emperium situation. It will update every 10 seconds.
    – Players can send battle reports to the guild channel, and if the player is a mercenary or the player’s guild employs a mercenary, they can also choose to send battle reports to the GVG channel
    – The time of capturing stronghold increased from 10s to 20s. The time to reduce other guild’s stronghold capture progress increased from 10s to 40s
    – The attacker must have captured and held a stronghold for 100s to obtain Emperium originally. After the update, the attacker can obtain Emperium immediately upon capturing a stronghold
  4. GVG Related Optimization
    – Boosted the health of City Emperium
    – Increased the healing value of the skill [Sanctuary] on Emperium
    – The player can now tap on the location of the friendly captured stronghold on the minimap to fast teleport in GVG maps. 30s CD
    – Added Frontline Kafra NPC [Clarice] at bearing 10 o’clock on GVG Preparation Area. The player can visit her to be teleported to the preparation area of other cities on the same front
    – Implemented [Black Cat Cafe] function at bearing 6 o’clock on GVG Preparation Area. The player can purchase the items based on the actual level of their guild’s Black Cat Cafe, but they cannot level up here
    – Optimized GVG map terrain and routes and removed some obstacles
    – Optimized the locked camera in the GVG map and the vision block at the wall and roof when viewing in 2.5D perspective
  5. GVG Reward Adjustment
    – Personal Quest
    –Lowered the completion difficulties of some quests
    –[Revive]: Adjusted from reviving 10/20/30 friendly units to 6/12/18 friendly units
    –[Expel]: Adjusted from expelling 5/10/20 enemy players to 3/6/12 enemy players
    — [Attacking Emperium]: Damage dealt to Emperium is adjusted from 15%/40% to 10%/25%
    – Raised completion rewards of some quests
    — [Attacking Emperium]: Adjusted from [Honor Proof ×1,000, Through-war Gold Coin x100] to [Honor Proof x1,600, Through-war Gold Coin x160]
    — [Participate in Stronghold Capturing]: Adjusted from [Honor Proof x200, Through-war Gold Coin x20] to [Honor Proof x800, Through-war Gold Coin x80]
    –Added Quest [Participate in Stronghold Defense]: Hold the stronghold for 5/10/15 minutes (Time is not counted when the player is dead). Each accomplishment grants [Honor Proof x400, Through-war Gold Coin x40] as rewards
    –Added Quest [Participate in Emperium Destruction]: Emperium is in Crystal Room when it is destroyed by the friendly player. The rewards will be [Honor Proof x1,000, Through-war Gold Coin x100]
    — The number of rewards available in addition to the base cap is based on the occupation of the city by the player’s guild.
    — Members of Medium City Occupying Guild receive an additional 25%, Small City Occupying Guild 50%, and City-less Guild 50%. The settlement result is rounded down.

During the Guild Wars, if the attacker of a city destroys the defender’s Emperium, the attacker guild members in the Emperium Room will receive corresponding individual rewards according to their own city occupation status and the size of the city in which the Emperium is located. It only applies to the first Emperium destruction in a single Guild War.

  • When a [City-less Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x1
    — Medium City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x1, [Honor Proof] x1,000
    — Large City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x2
  • When a [Small City Occupying Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x1
    — Medium City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x1, [Honor Proof] x1,000
    — Large City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x2
  • When a [Medium City Occupying Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Honor Proof] x1,000
    — Medium City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x1
    — Large City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x1, [Honor Proof] x1,000
  • When a [Large City Occupying Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Honor Proof] x500
    — Medium City: [Honor Proof] x1,000
    — Large City: [Rainbow Crystal Chip] x1

When the attacker of a city is rewarded with Emperium, the attacker guild members in the stronghold will receive individual rewards according to their own city occupation status and the size of the city where the Emperium is located.

  • When a [City-less Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Praying Card Pack] x1
    — Medium City: [Praying Card Pack] x1, [Honor Proof] x200
    — Large City: [Praying Card Pack] x2
  • When a [Small City Occupying Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Praying Card Pack] x1
    — Medium City: [Praying Card Pack] x1, [Honor Proof] x200
    — Large City: [Praying Card Pack] x2
  • When a [Medium City Occupying Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Honor Proof] x200
    — Medium City: [Praying Card Pack] x1
    — Large City: [Praying Card Pack] x1, [Honor Proof] x200
  • When a [Large City Occupying Guild] is the attacker of a city, they can get:
    — Small City: [Honor Proof] x100
    — Medium City: [Honor Proof] x200
    — Large City: [Praying Card Pack] x1

Group Goal Rewards

At the beginning of the Guild Wars, a group goal will be issued to each guild randomly according to their occupation of the guild city. Each guild member will be rewarded [Praying Card Pack] x4 at the end of the Guild Wars for achieving the goal. (Including the hired mercenaries of the guild, but not the other guild members who are already hired as mercenaries by other guilds)

The settlement of a guild city’s occupation progress is based on the guild’s status before the battle of this Guild War.

— For example, if a guild does not occupy a city at the start of the war, even if it does occupy a city in the current guild war, the rewards will still be calculated as [City-less Guild].

Players who are mercenaries are calculated on the occupation of the city of their employer’s guild, not their own original guild.

  1. The cap of the guild’s [Holy Pray] is increased from Lv. 10 to Lv. 20
  2. Introduced multiple-class switching and Ymir’s Notebook Save/Load in GVG Preparation Area
  3. Reduced the cost to purchase or upgrade GVG season gear
    New Battle Duration Type
    New Battle Duration Type [Mode Duration]

New Combat Time

A new duration type [Mode Duration] is introduced to the combat settlement of the following instances and system

  • Oracle Instance Clearance Settlement
  • Battle of Cake Clearance Settlement
  • Rift Instance Clearance Settlement
  • You can also spend the equivalent amount of Battle Duration as the substitution in System or Instances that will cost Mode Duration. However, Mode Duration cannot be applied in other modes (Such as Auto-play) other than the aforementioned modes
  1. All characters in an account share the battle time of [Mode Duration]
  2. Mode Duration is reset weekly
  • 180 minutes of Mode Duration will be restored at 05:00 every Monday
  • The unused Mode Duration will not be carried over
  1. Mode Duration can also be replenished through [Time Adventure Potion]
  • Each vial of [Time Adventure Potion] will replenish the Mode Duration by 60 minutes
  • The Mode Duration obtained through [Time Adventure Potion] will remain indefinitely and will not be reset
  • Mode Duration will cost the basic value reset weekly in priority
  • The limit of Mode Duration you can additionally obtain weekly cannot exceed 4500 minutes
  1. Canceled Weekly Free Attempts of Oracle Instance
  • The Adventurer can spend Mode Duration to start Oracle Instance. The weekly clearance limit of Oracle Instance is adjusted to be 20
  1. The weekly clearance cap of Battle of Cake is adjusted to be 7
  2. The Adventurer can set the cost priority of the duration at the setting page
  3. After this update, every player will gain 180 minutes of Mode Duration, and Weekly Free Attempts of Oracle Instance are canceled. It is recommended to challenge the instance before the maintenance for players who already have free attempts
    Bounty Update

BCC Shop and Adventure Log

  1. 2x Discount of the 1st Top-up has been reset: For every tier of Big Cat Coin, the first top-up of each account will be gifted with 2x Big Cat Coins after the maintenance
  2. Adventure Log new version available
  • [Meteor Secret Order] is available now. Please complete it before 05:00 November 12th, 2022.
  • Adventurers can earn more EXP through completing daily Deacon quests to upgrade their Adventure Log, slowly unlocking rewards respectively;
  • The Adventure Log comes with Common Rewards, Advanced Rewards, and Collection Rewards. Adventurers can advance the Adventure Log in Deacon function or bounty interface;
  1. Listed [Collectible Gift Box of the Ancient Relics] on Gold Coin Store
  • Listed at 05:00 September 12th at the price of 25 Big Cat Coins. Each account can only purchase 100 such items monthly;
  • Unlock it to get [Ancient Relics Divine Crystal] x1, [Svartalf Normal Dust] x6, and [Svartalf Elf Dust] x1-3
  • In the meantime, the adventurer can purchase [Collectible Gift Box of the Ancient Relics x10] 1 time at a discounted price of 198 Gold Coins every month! The Monthly Purchase limit is reset at 05:00, the 1st of each month
  1. [Divine Phoenix’s Blessing] is listed in Gold Coin Store
  • Listed at 05:00 August 25th at the price of 25 Big Cat Coins. Each account can only purchase 300 such items;
  • [Divine Phoenix’s Blessing]: After it is used, there is a 0.2% chance to receive exclusive Mount Voucher [Divine Phoenix’s Contract] x1, a 0.5% chance to receive [MVP Unlock Card Album] x1. And the player is guaranteed to receive [Nolan Card] x40-60, [Gram Dust] x20-35, [Mora Coin] x25-40, Zeny x300,000.
  • The chance to receive [Divine Phoenix’s Contract] increases with the increase of opening times: [Divine Phoenix’s Contract] is guaranteed when you open up to the 200th gift box!
  • The guarantee of [Divine Phoenix’s Contract] can be triggered only once. It will be canceled if you have received this item before the guarantee comes into effect.
  • [Divine Phoenix’s Contract] can be listed at the Exchange.
  1. Optimized [Premium Gift Box] at Gold Coin Store
  • Available Time: 05:00 September 12th
  • Among [Premium Rune Gift Box, Premium Gear Gift Box, Premium Enchantment Gift Box, and Premium Extract Gift Box], [1 type of the above gift boxes] will be up for a special discount each week
  • Discount Content: The first gift box of the week will be sold at the price of 288,888 Zeny. Each account can only purchase it once
  • After purchasing the gift box sold at Zeny, it can only be purchased with Cat Coins later. In addition, they will all be available for sale at 20% off this week
    Poring Fund
  1. Fund Available Time: September 19th, 2022 – September 26th, 2022
  2. Event Content: You can claim 356 Cat Coins in total within 14 days after purchasing and activating the funds
    20th Anniversary Celebration


  1. Poring’s Birthday
    – Available Period: September 1st – October 1st
    – Go to Prontera Square to find the event NPC [Poring Ambassador] and complete the quest to obtain [Rainbow Cap Re-issue]
  2. Poring Celebration
    – Available Period: September 1st – November 1st
    – During the event period, signing in for 30 days in total grants you event exclusive costume, headwear, and other rare rewards. There is also a variety of consumables to be claimed!
  3. Adventurer’s Returning Event
    – Event Deadline: 05:00, 22nd September 2022
    Event Participation Rules
    – The adventurers who have met the condition of being [All characters in the account have not logged in for more than 15 days] before 05:00, 22nd August 2022 can unlock the [The Journey Continues] feature.
    – The adventurers who have participated in the previous session of [The Journey Continues] are required to meet the condition of being [All characters in the account have not logged in for more than 30 days] to unlock the feature;
    – Adventurer whose character’s Base Level has reached Lv. 120;
    – The adventurer who meets the condition will activate the [The Journey Continues] event upon login. The event lasts for 30 days in time, during which the player may claim ample rewards;
    – The adventurer who has already completed [The Journey Continues] event may not activate the returning event this time;

Returning Players

Returning adventurers will receive special buff effects

  • Quest Rewards:
    — Completion of daily quests grants [Returning Joy], which can be used to exchange for ample rewards at the shop;
    — Completion of daily quests grants [Guild Present] and [Encounter Present], which can be used to send red packets to the chat channel. Adventurers may tap on the red packet to claim Zeny;
  • Team Bonus:
    — Finding NPC [Raven – Star Guidance] after completing [Designated Instance] allows all team members to claim 1 additional order of rewards. Each account can only obtain rewards once from each designated instance every week;
    — Designated Instances include: Endless Tower, Oracle Instance, Valhalla Ruins, Echoing Corridor, Niflheim Purgatory, Runemaster Thanatos, Ponape Museum Island, and Exploring the Lost Isle;
    — Returning Adventurers will receive additional rewards [Voucher Self-select Gift Box];
    — (Non-returning) Members will receive additional rewards: available to obtain [Returning Joy] after activating [Reunion Appreciation Gift]. There is also a chance to get rare back headwear [The Long Night];
  • EXP Bonus: Killing monsters in the wild will grant Base EXP and Job EXP +50%;
  • Exclusive Tag: You will have an exclusive returning ID tag in the chat channel;
  • Exclusive Skills:
  • Returning Adventurers will receive the skill [Guardianship Revisited] upon entering the instance, which can be used to grant all team members with Invincible status that lasts for 5s;
    — Each weekly instance can only be used once daily;
  • For detailed rules and rewards content, you may go to [New Event] – [The Journey Continues] interface to confirm.

Returnee Adventure Log

  • Available after the update maintenance
  • During the event period, the Returning Adventurer whose missing days have reached 90 days/180 days/360 days will activate [Returnee Adventure Log] after logging in
  • The players might have different [Returnee Adventure Log] rewards due to different missing days
  • Adventurers can earn more EXP through completing related quests to upgrade their [Returnee Adventure Log] to slowly unlock more rewards
  • [Returnee Adventure Log] features normal rewards and deluxe rewards. The adventurer can further advance it in the [Returnee Adventure Log] function
  • The Returnee Adventure Log is valid for 14 days and will be closed when this period ends. So please complete quests and claim rewards while it is still valid

Call Ally Event is available

  1. Event Duration: August 22nd 2022 – September 29th 2022
  2. When Returning Adventurer enters your Invitation Code to complete a binding, another attempt of entering this page allows you to claim bound rewards
    – [Returning Adventurer]: The adventurer who has activated [The Journey Continues] after logging in, and their character’s Base.Lv is higher than 120 in the account, and the last login time was more than 30 days ago
  3. Teaming up with long absent returning adventurers and completing the following instances allow you to claim more additional rewards: Endless Tower, Oracle Instance, Thanatos Tower, Ponape Museum Island, Exploring the Lost Isle, Valhalla Ruins, Echoing Corridor, and Niflheim Purgatory
    Fantasy Generator – Limited
    [Fantasy Generator – Card] Card Pool Update
  4. Draw Rules
    – Price of Single Draw: 15 Big Cat Coins;
    – Price of Special Offer Draw: 8 Big Cat Coins;
    – Special offer can be drawn 3 times per day. When using the special offer draw, each draw will give [Nolan Card] x50. Special offer time resets at 05:00 daily;
  5. The rarity and corresponding rate per draw are as follows
    – [Selected Card]: 0.5;
    – [Preferred Card]: 2.0%;
    – [Featured Card]: 50.0%;
    – [Common Card]: 47.5%;
  6. Selected Card Rules
    – [Selected Cards] include several rare cards;
    – When [Selected Cards] include a Probability Boost Card, drawing [Selected Cards] will have an 80.0% chance to receive one of the Probability Boost Cards;
    – New Card Rate UP Cards in this period: [Golden Thief Bug Card], [Dragon Bone Card], and [Wasteland Lord Card]. The duration of Rate UP is 05:00 September 1st – 05:00 September 20th
    – Selected Card Rate UP Cards in the next period: [Phreeoni Card], [Drake Card], and [Deeven Card]. The duration of Rate UP is 05:00 September 20th – 05:00 October 1st
  7. Accumulated Draws Rules
    – If you didn’t draw [Preferred Cards] in 55 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Preferred Cards] until a [Preferred Card] is drawn;
    – If you didn’t draw [Selected Cards] in 330 draws, then the guarantee system is triggered, increasing the chance of drawing [Selected Cards] until a [Selected Card] is drawn;
    – The guarantee effect will not be reset as the card pool’s renewal until what is guaranteed is acquired, and then the next guarantee will be activated
    New Contents
  8. Added [Time Adventure Potion] to [Tip]
    – This item is listed on the [Tip] page after the update
    – The account can purchase 35 of them weekly. The purchase price will increase as the purchase amount increases. See below for details
    — Purchase Amount: 1-7 Unit-price: 3 Cat Coins
    — Purchase Amount: 8-21 Unit-price: 6 Cat Coins
    — Purchase Amount: 22-28 Unit-price: 9 Cat Coins
    — Purchase Amount: 29-35 Unit-price: 12 Cat Coins
  9. New Giftpack is listed in [Tip]
    – After the maintenance, [Daily Lucky Bag] will be listed at the price of 1 Zeny. Each account can only purchase it once
    — Daily Lucky Bag: Open it for a chance to receive one of the following items: [Bonus Voucher Self-select Pack] x1, [Mora Coin] x5, [Oracle Dust] x5, [Oracle Crystal] x5
    — Every time when this Lucky Bag is opened for the third time, you are guaranteed to receive [Lucky Bag Self-select Pack] x1
  10. After the maintenance, the first attempt of [Draw with Big Cat Coin] of each period of [Headwear Gashapon, Latest Costumes, Time Wish Machine, and Card] will be free
    — Free attempts are limited in each account
    — Free attempts will not be carried over to the next period if they are not all used
    — Free attempts will not be accumulated in [Cat Coin Draw Combo Rewards]
    — You cannot obtain [Nolan Card] in [Card]’s Gashapon Machine
  11. [Questionnaire] is available
    – Questionnaire Available Time: 05:00 September 8th – 05:00 September 22nd
    – Tap on [New Event] and [Questionnaire] to join the event. The event is limited to the account
    – After completing the fill-in, you will obtain the rewards [Time Invitation] x60
    – You can tap on Questionnaire to check for more detailed rules

Ancient Relic

Ancient Relic Function Optimization

  • Added [Bleak Ancient Relic]. Now when you possess any Artifact Shards that can be formed into Ancient Relic, you can infuse them into the equivalent Ancient Relic at “Noan” of Prontera. After infusing any shards, you will obtain the Bleak version of the equivalent Ancient Relic After you have infused all shards, [Bleak Ancient Relic] will be automatically converted to be [Ancient Relic].
  • [Bleak Ancient Relic] can be equipped. Its attributes align with the equivalent Artifact Shard. The more shards you have infused, the more attribute of [Bleak Ancient Relic] can be effective.
  • [Bleak Ancient Relic] can be used for remolding. Remolding will change all attributes (Including those that have taken effect or those that have not yet)
  • Removed Svartalf Elf Dust’s 10x Remold function
  • Added [Safe Remold] function. A single attempt will cost Svartalf Normal Dust x20/Svartalf Elf Dust x20. The result of this Remolding is guaranteed not to drop
  • Added Ancient Relic Fragment. Collecting 10 pieces of such fragments allows you to merge an equivalent Ancient Relic Shard, which can be obtained from Void Territory mode

Instance Changes

  1. Made an adjustment that makes the MVP/Mini of weekly Valhalla Ruins instance be the same, which is not related to the guild’s current channel;
  2. Optimized Matchmaking Experience
  • Added the countdown display to [Adventurer’s Squad is rallying] when matchmaking for a specific instance. After the countdown ends, the adventurer can initiate the instance with the adventure squad (mercenaries);
  • The adventurer can also choose not to start the instance and continue matchmaking to get other teammates;
  • If you have entered the instance with Adventurer’s Squad multiple times in one day, the squad will fall into a rest period. Further attempts to matchmaking instance will display a prompt “The adventurer’s squad is resting”. The squad can be rallied again after the rest time ends and can start an instance when the rallying is done
  1. Optimization of Instance Entrance
  • Adjusted the display order of the dropped rewards at the instance entrance page. The main yielded rewards will be shown in priority
  • Added an Use function for Nolan Card
  • Added Valhalla Ruins’ entrance, which allows the members of the same guild to enter from this entrance quickly
  • Added reward preview of currency type items and chest type items in Instance Entrance. The player can tap on the item directly for details
  1. Optimization of Kafra Defense’s Entrance
  • During the event opening period, Kafra Defense’s entrance will be displayed on the main screen. The player can tap and enter
    Adjusted the tutorial quests of South Gate Main Quest and Rift Instance. The quest experience and early quest tutorial have also been optimized. The quest will be reset to the adventurers who have not completed the South Gate main quest yet
    Auto-pathfinding has been optimized. Now the player can tap on the quest bar to the right to start the pathfinding
    Reduced the strength of the field monsters in the Gingerbread Town region so that they are in line with the level and stats of the adventurers who enter this region
    Fixed the issue that multiple character completion cannot be proceeded when the randomization of “Mission Board” features double rewards
    Optimized the display of the terrain when going to Prontera from South Gate
  1. Item Obtain Method Adjustment
  • Added auto-pathfinding function to the item with obtaining methods
  • Removed the [Trace Material] button in the creation interface of furniture and headwear. This piece of information can now be all viewed from the “Obtain Method” on the item
  • Removed the original “View Obtain Method” option. The materials will be shown on the Quest Tracking bar on the main page
  • The materials dropped by the monsters, the pathfinding will take you to their corresponding map
  1. Quest Display Rules Adjustment
  • Changed [Show at the main page after taking the quest] to [After taking the quest, the other types of quests will not be displayed on the main page except for the main quest]
  • Added quest interface. The player can select the quest and amount they wish to display at will through [Select to Track] and [Cancel Select to Track]
  1. Before the champion of the next season of GVG is settled, the statue will remain displaying the information of the Champion Guild/Guild Chairman of the current season
  2. Fixed the display error of the statue model and information in the GVG Champion Statue in Prontera
  3. Fixed the issue that the Champion Statue was not shown in golden
  4. Added Collectible Series Quest: Mystery of Meteor
  • The adventurer whose Base Level has reached Lv. 120 can explore Meteor Forest freely. They can collect the Divine Mirror lost in Meteor Forest and explore the mysterious past of Meteor Forest.
  • Added Meteor Forest Series Achievement
    — After all Meteor Forest Scenic Spots are unlocked, the player can obtain the achievement [The Land beyond the World], getting [Meteor Mountain Tiger] as rewards
    — After all Collectible Quests are completed, the player can obtain the achievement [Everything Has Its Cause], getting [The Eye of All] as rewards

Personal Information

  1. Major Optimization of Personal Information!
  • Firstly, you can now set your birthday. But you can only change your birthday once every 365 days. Please edit at your own discretion.
  • Secondly, you can now use “Label” to tell the world who you are. There are 30+ personal labels in the first batch at the adventurer’s disposal!
  • In addition, you can also set a customized signature to tell all adventurers what you feel like.
  • In the end, you can set the friend type you wish to look for. Want to look for a teammate? A CP? Your expectation will be shown in your personal info. You might find that one true love.
  • For the uniqueness of the function, the “Display Character Info” option in the settings has been moved to “Personal Info Function”


  1. Added new map Meteor Forest, which can be reached through Mjolnir Mountains
  2. New Fish group in Aquarium
  3. Optimized the scene blocking issue when in [Locked] perspective
  4. Experience process optimization of novice Job Change experience instance
  5. Change Stage has completed its overhaul and is returning. It is now located on the right side of Prontera South Gate
  6. Edited the season effect of Earth Field, making it more obvious
  7. Shopping function is adjusted to be in Setting
  8. Increased the field of view of [Locked] perspective in the new Guild Battle Map
  9. Map Adjustment: The map transmitters of Mjolnir Mountains, Floating Star Rock, and Time Garden will be temporarily removed
  10. The claiming limit of Exchange’s [Collect All] is adjusted to be 2000 entries
  11. System Change:
  • The issuance of Topic Quest is changed to be complete main quest “Entrustment of City Garrison”
  • Added Mini options in the Auto Combat bar of Poring’s Test
    Changes in Investigation Quest:
  • “Hire 2 Mercenary Cats successfully” in Topic 1 is changed to be “Hire 4 Mercenary Cats successfully”
  • “Unlock 2 Pets in Adventure Handbook” in Topic 2 is changed to “Complete Pet Catch Quest”
  • “Save at least 20 Headwears in Adventure Handbook” in Topic 4 is changed to “Craft 10 Headwears”
  • “Save at least 15 cards in Adventure Handbook” in Topic 6 is changed to “Own 10 cards”
  • “Complete the [Oracle Instance] of Novice Difficulty” in Topic 3 is changed to “complete [Oracle Instance] of Elite I difficulty”
  • “Complete the [Oracle Instance] of Novice Difficulty” in Topic 6 is changed to “complete [Oracle Instance] of Elite II difficulty”
  • “Spend all battle duration of the day ” in Topic 2 is changed to “spend 150 minutes of Battle Duration”
  • Added Taekwon’s Job Change Quest to the investigation quest “Complete Origin Class Transfer Quest” in Topic 8. The player who has already completed the Job Change can still complete the investigation quest on this topic
    Changes of Rewards
  • Added 1 Mercenary Cat Voucher to the rewards of “Level up skills 10 times” in Topic 1
  • Added 2 Mercenary Cat Vouchers to the rewards of “Strengthen Weapon Bar to Lv. 20” in Topic 1
  • Added 1 Mercenary Cat Voucher to the rewards of “Complete 4 Adventure Quests in total” in Topic 1
  • Added 2 Mercenary Cat Vouchers to the rewards of “Level up Heart’s Origin to Lv. 2” in Topic 1
    Pathfinding Changes:
  • The pathfinding of most investigation quests has been overhauled to be more intuitive to the players
  1. Optimized the interface display of the personal info board. We have incorporated the Social content into the interface while retaining the Adventurer’s familiarity to the maximum extent. The “Signature” area is now adjusted to be more compact and aesthetic
  2. Optimized the combat mechanism between wild MVP and Apocalypse MVP Devil Squid;
  • Devil Squid will summon several tentacles when he appears, and he will be in an invincible and immovable status at the same time
  • You need to defeat the one and correct tentacle with a shield among them to relieve Devil Squid’s invincible status
  • If you attack the wrong tentacle, you will suffer from a debuff that makes you unable to use items or skills

Fixed Bugs

  1. Fixed the damage abnormality of the applied effect from the Guild Artifact [Winter Crystal Reforged, Winter Crystal Sky Forged, and Winter Crystal Extreme]
  2. Fixed the issue that the locked players can still perform actions, auto attack, and even cast skills before Lina’s Giga Slave fully loads the meter
  3. Fixed the description error in [Invincible Ice, Pineapple Red Bean Ice] item description, which changed “Reduces all received damage to 1 point” to “Reduces received Phy. DMG and M. DMG to 1 point”
  4. Fixed the issue with the guild name discrepancy in guild name and guild info interfaces in the character info
  5. Fixed the display error of Spectate function in the Team Competition Map
  6. Fixed the issue that the achievement [Maple Haze] cannot be completed
  7. Fixed the issue that some Glast Heim Collection cannot be completed
  8. Fixed the display error of the toys unlocked through Collectibles in “How to Obtain”
  9. Fixed the issue that “the guild chairmanship is transferred automatically due to long offline period” would not be displayed in the Guild Log
  10. Fixed the issue that Adventure Quest [Intelligence Network of Assassins] will not be displayed in Quest Track Box when the progress reached 1F
  11. Fixed the issue that [Aladdin Carpet, Minnie Grill] will not be displayed in Home
  12. Fixed the issue that the quest cannot be proceeded if the player kills the Huge Holiday Easter Egg too early in Gingerbread Town Puppet Palace
  13. Fixed the effect display issue when the player sits down when the tail headwear [Luna Ruby] is equipped
  14. Fixed the issue that the player cannot accept Job Change quests after switching from Dolans to Human
  15. Fixed the issue that Pardon Money’s Epic Spirit Gear and Normal Gear were not displayed in Adventure Handbook
  16. Fixed the display error of the points during the ready stage of Team Competition matchmaking
  17. Fixed the darkness status description text error of Dark – Assassin Cross Eremes’s [Flash] skill in the Rift Instance [Moonlit Rendezvous]
  18. Fixed the Oracle Instance error of the Topic and Deacon Daily Quests
  19. Fixed the issues that the Heart of Loyalty in Yimir Heart Collectible cannot be obtained and that there was no hint or guide in the main quest after Glast Heim
  20. Fixed the discrepancy between the description and the real addition of Lv. 60 Rift Gear [Adventure Master Armor]’s attributes
  21. Fixed the display issue of the skill [Shield Press]’s special effect
  22. Fixed the inconsistent level issue in [Heart’s Origin] Level Achievement’s reward tab
  23. Fixed the issue that the NPC would not be displayed in the main quest [Magaleta’s Dream]. The adventurers who have not completed the quest will have this quest reset
  24. Fixed the actual part position error of Mouth Headwear [Ghost and Boo Banner] and Face Headwear [Four-winged Angel]
  25. Fixed the issue that the player cannot trigger [Follow Nihil to go to the underground palace] in the quest [(Insight) Go to the crime scene, Between Thrones, to investigate]
  26. Fixed the issue that the player could not enter the instance after being online if they have previously rebooted while they were already in the team and some players in the team were not online
  27. Fixed the display error of [Moonlight Tendrilion ★ Card]’s image
  28. Fixed the issue that the player must complete Wasteland Main Quest before starting the main quest in Payon, Glast Heim, Al De Baran, Niflheim, or Luoyang
  29. Fixed the issue that the player will be blocked if they tried to tap on Prontera to perform auto-pathfinding from the west gate minimap
  30. Fixed the issue that some Back Headwear and Tail Headwear parts would not be saved when the player tried to save the appearance
  31. Fixed the issue that the statue of Prontera had a chance to be displayed incorrectly after saving the action
  32. Fixed the issue that the Monk Skill [Cursed Circle] could interrupt Bard’s and Dancer’s skill [Demise of Sun and Moon]
  33. Fixed the issue that the player couldn’t proceed to the next quest when the instance entrance had not appeared in the Legend of Thanatos quest
  34. Fixed the mana reduction abnormality issue of Priest’s Lex Divina – Control
  35. Fixed the issue that the opponent orb-holding dancer was immune to death because of the skill Manhole – Hostage
  36. Fixed the occasional invalid Blood Locking of the Ancient Relic [Horn of the Unyielding] in the Arena
  37. Fixed the issue that the priority of the Guild Artifact [War Ender] Lv. 3 Skill’s Damage Bonus effect is lower than Lv. 2
  38. Fixed the guide error of defeating Nightmare Eye in Amatsu Daily Quest “Uncanny Bridge” Stage 2
  39. Fixed the issue that the remaining reward attempts were still shown as 5 even if the player had already cleared the guild instance this week
  40. Fixed the missing chart of Moonlight Tendrilion ★ Card
  41. Fixed the occasional class icon displacement issue when opening the avatar interface after using Transformation Scroll
  42. Fixed the issue that a piece of an Ancient Equipment’s Refining level was still retained after the equipment had already performed Refinement Transferring in Open Rift Instance
  43. Fixed the name display error of the replicas summoned by the boss in the Den of Calamity instance
  44. Fixed the issue that some toys couldn’t be used again after they were used once
  45. Fixed the issue that the player couldn’t find a way out to leave the room in the Heart Lock instance
  46. Fixed the additional drop issue of Morroc Scroll in 12v12
  47. Fixed incorrect rules of [Attempts and Battle Duration] in Battle of Cake
  48. Fixed the card classification error of Mercenary Cat Alliance Moe Card at the Exchange
  49. Fixed the issue that the Novice Adventure Log’s Deluxe Version +10 Voucher could be used to refine low-tier adventure gear and could not be used to perform Refinement Transfer. Added description after the patch: The Ancient (Rift) Equipment of different series cannot be used in Refinement Transfer
  50. Fixed the issue that the Lucky Enchantment in the random card selection in the present instances was not LUK +10 in Rift
  51. Fixed the issue that Amatsu Main Quest [Enchantment Pillar] couldn’t be completed
  52. Fixed the issue that the quest [Eternal Cenia] couldn’t be completed
  53. Fixed the SP effect loss issue of Classic Hat of the Sun God
  54. Fixed the issue that Teleport couldn’t be used in Frosting Gully
  55. Fixed the issue that the achievement would not be activated after some players had already been promoted to Adven. Class A
  56. Fixed the issue that the “Angel” label was not issued after the player completed the achievement of using leaves to revive
  57. Fixed the display issue in the guild lobby
  • Fixed the city capture info display error when filtering guilds
  • Fixed the display error when the player tried filtering guilds with multiple criteria
  • Fixed the issue that some employer guilds would not be displayed on the top even if they met the filter criteria
  1. Fixed the issue that the player couldn’t accept the Job Change quest when they spent Big Cat Coin to unlock Human Novice as Dolans
  2. Fixed the issue that the player couldn’t enter the Fl. 25 quest inside the Topic
  3. Fixed the issue that the player couldn’t level up Storm Pike from Lv. 3 to Lv. 4 despite having sufficient materials, and there is no further interaction with tapping the button
  4. Fixed the issue that the player couldn’t perform any actions when they entered the Divine Tree interface in the Wasteland Main Quest “Sacred Tree Under Attack”
  5. Fixed the issue that wings were not fully displayed