This Auto Chess 3 Hunters Build relies on a single Dwarf Sniper hard carry backed by a durable front line with plenty of AoE Crowd Control.

Doom Arbiter
Dwarf Sniper
Egersis Ranger
Pirate Captain
Soul Reaper
3( 3 / 9 )
3( 3 / 6 )
0( 1 / 4 )
2( 2 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )
1( 1 / 1 )
2( 2 / 4 )
2( 2 / 6 )
2( 2 / 6 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )

Build Highlights

Aoe Crowd Control
Pirate Captain, Siren

Werewolf, Razorclaw

Armor Reduction
Egersis Synergy, Venomancer

Warlock Synergy, Soul Reaper


Main DPS
Your primary damage dealer will be Dwarf Sniper. The armor shred in this build complements Dwarf Sniper’s physical damage.

Your Frontline
Additionally the regeneration provided by this build, armor (Warrior Synergy), summons and AoE crowd control will help delay your opponent from reaching your Dwarf Sniper.

Whilst this build is powerful one drawback is its cost. As you can see above, the final build includes 6 Mythical (4 cost) pieces.

To make things easier feel free to make use of low cost Warrior alternatives like Tusk Champion, God of War, or Redaxe Chief before subbing them out.

Dark Spirit can be taken over Venomancer if you are lucky enough to roll one. It is especially powerful against Knight builds.

Should you be facing a heavy mage composition, Abyssal Guard can be taken over Doom Arbiter for the Marine Synergy.


A boxed position is a great general option for most hunter builds. In the above example, Dwarf Sniper is placed in the most protected bottom left corner spot.

Pirate Captain takes the most vulnerable top right hand position to help get its AoE skill of ASAP. Siren can be placed in your front line (first row) for the same reason, however if you have some Mana Regen on her you may want to keep her in the back to protect her from Silence.

If facing a heavy AoE opponent ie Mages you may wish to split up your formation. However try to keep your DPS pieces together for better focus fire.


Stack all your offensive items onto Dwarf Sniper. You should aim for at least a Frantic Mask and Mealstrom/Mjollnir. Crystal Sword/Dragonbone Ballista is also nice to have.

Werewolf is a good carry for defensive items as its Shapeshift skill will grant him +20% HP. Heart of Tarrasque is a great option.

Heaven’s Gift and Jade Pipe are great items for against physical/magic respectively.

Aim for Orb of Refresh on your Siren. It is very good for slowing down physical damage opponents.

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