How to Reroll in Genshin Impact and is it worth your time? It takes about 30 mins to reroll. 5 Star characters are extremely rare. The process is a pain but that just makes epic pulls even more valuable. Let’s take a look.

P.S The title screenshot is from my friend’s first account rolls.

Rerolling Cost

The real cost is your time, but we can break down what you get for your 30 mins of cut scenes and mundane dialogue skipping.

Genshin Impact rewards rerolling resources at two stages. First when you reach AR5 (Adventure Rank 5). This is when you first unlock wish (rolling function) and second when you reach AR7 (when you can collect your mail rewards).

MethodResourcesPrimogem EquivalentTime
AR510x Acquaint Fate (Pre-registration Reward)
1x Acquaint Fate
80x Primogem
AR71,280x Primogem (8 Day 160x per day Reward)
1,600x Primogem (Launch Appreciation)
10x Intertwined Fate (Thank You Reward)

Note: Amounts includes launch bonuses. Rewards have since been reduced.

The above times are based on my own experience. You might be able to shave off a bit more time and potentially complete an AR7 run in 30mins.

Speedruners have managed to complete AR7 runs in under 25mins. It involves collecting specific chests and Anemoculus allowing you to skip Kaeya’s temple.

Take away?

  1. If you’re going to reroll, reroll AR7 as it gives more than double the rewards for roughly double the time.
  2. AR7 Reroll gives 6,320 Primogems.
  3. Genesis Crystals (Paid Currency) has a 1:1 conversion to Primogems.
  4. The most expensive top up gives 6,480 Genesis Crystals (12,960 if you include 2x first purchase reward).
  5. This is roughly equal to how much you will get from the AR7 reroll.
  6. Even if we take into consideration the 2x reward. Each AR7 reroll is worth roughly $60USD (my shop is in AUD).
  7. The pity system guarantees a 5-Star character every 90 rolls on character event banners.
  8. This means your efforts could be equated to 90 rolls or 14,400 Primogems (although it’s very possible to pull a 5-Star before pity kicks in).
  9. For a F2P player that would equate roughly to 3 months of saving (or 2 months with the monthly card).
  10. In terms of buying Primogems directly the highest value option only gives 12,960 Primogems and that’s with the 2x bonus first time purchase.

These of course are very rough numbers for comparison. But as you can see it demonstrates that 5-stars aren’t easy to come by.

Should You Re-roll?

Many players have recommended not to reroll. Initially I agreed with that perspective. However after considering how much value a 5-Star holds. I wouldn’t want anyone to regret not starting with one.

You’re probably going to have to invest one, two or maybe even three days. But at least that way you know that you won’t be missing out on all that value we’ve just mentioned.

But should you roll for a specific 5-Star character? No way! That could be an insane grind. If you manage to get any 5-Star I would recommend to stop there and just start enjoying the game.

Who to Reroll For

The base rate for pulling a 5-star is 0.6%. This includes both characters and weapons. Rolling for a 5-star character is brutal in this game.

Whilst pulling Diluc or Venti is the dream. Realistically getting any 5-star is a great roll.

Be prepared to reroll 10 times for a chance at a 5-star. Even then it’s not guaranteed…

I was lucky enough to roll Jean on a single pull after 9 rerolls.

Quick Platform FAQ

Can I reroll on PC?
Yes, PC is the recommended platform for rerolling, especially if you have fast load speeds.

Can I reroll on iOS/Android?
Yes, but PC is recommended.

Can I reroll on PS4?
Yes, but you have to create a new PSN account.

How to Reroll

Ok so you’ve decided to reroll. The process is quite straight forward so this is more of a showcase of what to expect.

Create Account

Register an account by “Username”. You don’t need e-mails. Rerolling now requires an e-mail. Don’t forget to choose your server region. You wouldn’t want an epic pull only to realise you picked the wrong server.

Pick Character

Pick your character and choose your name. You can use the same name in future rerolls. Your account is instead identified by your UID and username.

Quick Tips

  1. Cutscenes cannot be skipped but you can skip dialogue.
  2. Ignore field monsters just focus on going from one waypoint to the next.
  3. Spam dash (shift) instead of running it’s faster.
  4. Make use of your glider where you can.
  5. In general you can simply beeline towards each waypoint.
  6. Those “Important Messages” that you access with the G key. Ignore those for now you can read them and collect the rewards later.

Complete Tutorial

  1. Grab the waypoint.
  2. Follow Paimon to Statue of the Seven. Make sure to stick close to her. Otherwise you will be prompted to start over.
  3. Complete battle tutorial. Press E > Hold E > Press Q.
  4. Meet Stormbringer and grab the Crimson Crystal.
  1. Meet Amber, grab the waypoint and help her defeat the Hilichurl camp.
  2. Head to Mondstadt. On the way Cook for Lynn. You’ll need the extra bit of AR EXP for a smooth AR7 run.
  3. Head to Amber (scale that big wall that leads directly to her) and collect your Wind Glider and complete the tutorial.
  4. Fend off Stormterror.

After speaking with Kaeya turn south to face the Knights of Favonius headquarters. Scale the wall and grab the waypoint at the top of the tower.

Jump off the tower onto the roof to grab two chests (Luxurious + Common). Now head into the headquarters.

Unlock Wish (AR5)

Meet Jean and the Knights of Favonius. After the cutscene you will reach AR5 and Wish will be unlocked.

The 3 Temples (AR7)

  1. Teleport to Starfell Valley, Mondstadt. Then follow the waypoint to meet with Amber. Complete the instance with Amber.
    Tip: Use Amber’s charged shot and Traveler (your main character’s) charged E attack to quickly defeat enemies.
  2. After clearing the first temple head south towards the Statue of the Seven. There should be an Anemoculus (floating blue ball, appears as a star on mini map) to pick up once you get close. Interact with the shrine to get the waypoint and worship to donate your 1x Anemoculus.
  3. Now make your way towards Kaeya. Complete the instance with Kaeya.
    Tip: Break the blue stone to make it rain it makes defeating the fire slimes easier.
  4. Next follow the waypoint to the final Temple (this one’s a bit far). Use of the wind tunnel to get up the big hill. Complete the instance with Lisa and you will reach AR7.
    Tip: There is an area with an Electro Monument. Defeat the mobs quickly by using a charged E attack followed some regular attacks.

Congrats. Now all that’s left is to roll. Good Luck!

Stardust Exchange

After rolling away your resources. You can exchange your Masterless Stardust at Paimon’s Bargains in the shop menu for more Intertwined Fate/Acquaint Fate.

This will give you a few more single pulls.