Join the Lisa Black Pink x Ragnarok M event during November to receive a Lisa Premium (Lisa Doll Hat), Leo Monster Egg (Lisa Cat Pet) and more.

This event is available in SEA Server

Event Summary

LISA Supporting Event31st Oct (12:00) - 14th Nov (12:00)5x Daily Quest
Rewards Include:
Lisa Doll Hat
Lisa Cat Pet
LISA Supporting Pack31st Oct (12:00) - 14th Nov (12:00)BCC Shop
Share Event31st Oct (12:00) - 14th Nov (12:00)Fb Sharing Event

Ragnarok M SEA Anniversary Event will also be available in November

Event 1: LISA Supporting Event

Lisa is a NPC in ROM now! Players can accept the event mission through LISA NPC:

-You will receive 2 “LISA Support Wand” each day from the event mission

-After finishing the day 5 quest, you will receive “LISA Premium” and “Leo Monster Egg” as the extra rewards.

LISA Supporting Want: Players will be able to summit this item to LISA to gain power for her on the land of Rune Midgard. Each Wand can give her one point of energy, and during the event your personal energy giving to LISA can unlock the following:

-“LISA Assistant Voucher” at 10 point of energy

-“LISA Support Headwear ” at 30 points of energy

– The players who reached the top 100 on the leaderboard of LISA Support will unlock an exclusive “LISA Title” in game.

-The players who reached the top 5 on the leaderboard of LISA Support will unlock an exclusive “LISA Title” in game AND a LISA autographed music album!

「LISA Assistant Voucher」: use it to teleport to the “Assistant Hall”, and choose LISA to be the assistant

「LISA Premium」: Use it to get an exclusive headwear “LISA Doll Hat”

Exclusive Pet “Leo”: Use it to hatch a LISA’s Cat Pet

Event time: Oct. 31st 12:00 – Nov. 14th 12:00

Event 2: LISA Supporting Pack

“LISA Supporting Pack” will be available on the Recharge Page, with the price of 3 USD

Use it to get: “LISA Supporting Wand” *1, Consumable Toy item “Close Contact with LISA” *2, and other Consumable items

2019.Oct.31st. 12:00 to Nov.14th 12:00

Event 3: Share Event

During the event, players who have shared this event for the first time of the day will receive a 「”LISA Supporting Wand」

Note: Only on Facebook

2019.Oct.31st. 12:00 to Nov.14th 12:00