Unlock the Eye of Dawn Blueprint in Ragnarok Mobile and get this Juno Quest headgear for free. It’s a great F2P end game face piece for auto attacking classes. ADL Snipers/Rangers often equip it as a free alternative to the Dragon Scale Stripe.

Yup, the item itself is rewarded as part of completing a series of Juno Quests. You will need to be at least base Level 98 to start the quest chain. Let’s first take a look at its stats and its more expensive counterpart.

Eye of Dawn vs Dragon Scale Stripe

Eye of Dawn
STR +2, DEX +2 and Atk +40

Dragon Scale Stripe
DEX +10 and INT +5

If you’re a DEX based class like the ADL Sniper/Ranger, the Dragon Scale Stripe will often outperform the Eye of Dawn.

So which one to aim for? Well since the Eye of Dawn is free you might as well obtain it. However here’s a look at the cost of crafting the Dragon Scale Stripe to show just how awesome this freebie is:

Craft Dragon Scale Stripe
Blueprint!ERROR! D3 -> B3 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred!ERROR! E3 -> C3 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred
1,680 Brigan!ERROR! D4 -> B4 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred!ERROR! E4 -> C4 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred
18x Dragon Scale!ERROR! D5 -> B5 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred!ERROR! E5 -> C5 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred
23x Antenna!ERROR! D6 -> B6 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred!ERROR! E6 -> C6 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred
210x Skel-Bone!ERROR! D7 -> B7 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred!ERROR! E7 -> C7 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred
Total!ERROR! D8 -> B8 -> B3 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred!ERROR! E8 -> C8 -> C3 -> Formula Error: An unexpected error occurred

As you can see, the Dragon Scale Stripe is very expensive to obtain. This makes the Eye of Dawn a very cost effective and often preferred alternative, even for DEX based classes. So how do you get this free alternative?

Foreign Guests Quest (Twilight Captain Cap)

Reached at least base Level 98? To start the quest chain first head to the top part of Prontera to speak with Mathay Siv (See Above). This will begin the first part of the Juno Quest chain “Foreign Guests”.

You will need to first complete this quest before moving onto the Burning Heart Quest that rewards the Eye of Dawn.

Have a mount? There’s a fair bit of walking around involved, hop on your mount to make traveling faster.

After speaking with Mathay, continue to follow the quest prompts and you will end up at the Border Checkpoint (Map between Al De Baran and Einbroch Field).

Now speak with Cenia (See Above). Following her instructions will eventually direct you to Juno.

Made it to Juno? Don’t forget to speak to Cenia one more time. She should be waiting in the middle of the map (See Above).

Now head to the north part of Juno and speak with the Jolin (See Above). From here on there’s a bunch of tasks. They are quite straight forward, most of it will be bouncing between NPCs with a bit of monster slaying in between.

On two occasions you will have to answer questions. The answers are listed below:

Q: Do you know what Lord Siren’s job is?
A: Sage

Q: Do you know what kind of attack Lord Siren is good at?
A: Both

Q: Why do you think it attacked Juno?
A: Break the crystal

Q:Then why didn’t it counterattack when attacking, but instead it retreated with the monsters?
A: Because something …

You’ll eventually encounter Soth. Defeat him and speak with Siren to complete the Foreign Guests quest. This is the first Phase of the quest chain. As a reward you will receive a Twilight Captain Cap. Now onto the Eye of Dawn!

Burning Heart (Eye of Dawn)

First head to the west side of Juno to speak with Karl (See Above). He will ask you to collect 20x Broken Relics. There 5 daily quests you can complete per day, each of these quests will reward 1x Broken Relic.

In total you will need to complete 20 of these daily quests, therefore it will take you at least 4 days to complete Karl’s task.

Everyday, you can speak to each NPC (See Above 1-5) to accept their quests. Most of them can be done in Einbroch Field (just south of Juno).

The daily quests are the same everyday, they will include:

  1. Collect 40x Burning Magic Dust (Fire Fledgling – Magma Dungeon 1F – Enter from Einbroch Field West Portal)
  2. Hand over Dan’s Letters (Speak to NPCs in Juno)
  3. Collect 10x Flower Petals (Einbroch Field)
  4. Collect 30x Feather (Harpy – Einbroch Field)
  5. Clear 40x Geographer (Einbroch Field)

Tip: Accept all the quests before heading out. It will save you from going back and forth.

More Talking

Hand over the 20x Broken Relics to the Karl. The next part has a bunch of back and forth between several NPCs and another adventure with Cenia the swordswoman.

There’s more questions to answer along the way. To make things easier here are the answers:

Q: As you dress like this, you’re a foreigner. Do you know where it is?
A: Juno Palace

Q: So tell me your purpose here
A: Cleaning Weeds

Q: What do you think this means?
A: The president’s cipher

Q: When the water separates the spring and autumn… The water may be…
A: Water in river

Q: Separates the spring and autumn… Perhaps it’s not that simple, it may represent…
A: Two places

Q: The natural chasm connects the way… This may mean…

A: Bridge

Find and Kill Giant Highland Parasite

Wesley, a Knight holding a Holy Avenger will task you with finding and killing a Giant Highland Parasite. You will find it at Border Checkpoint (See Above: where I found it).

Now for a bit of traveling!
Al De Baran > Izlude > Morroc > Border Checkpoint > Juno

Use Kafra Teleport to make traveling faster

Back to Juno

The last destination Juno where you will be asked again to speak with Siren. Again, there’s a bunch of talking to NPCs with questions mixed in, this time with Cats! Here’s the correct answers:

Q: Give food to the stray cats
A: Grilled Fish

Q: Give food to Lilian
A: Grilled shrimp

Help The Wounded

Continue to follow the quest prompts. Again there’s a bunch more questions to answer, here’s the answers:

Q: Maybe I need to drink some hot water.
A: False

Q: Maybe get up and work out?
A: False

Q: Or should I lay down with an ice towel masking my face?
A: True

Q: How to treat the wound, first step…
A: Stop the bleeding

Q: Second Step…
A: Clean the wound

Q: Third Step…
A: Put dressing on the …

Q: Adventurer! Do you remember the researched we saved at the Magma Dungeon entrance?
A: Bauff

Q: What do you think it is
A: Human experiments

Q: Which company do you think this mysterious research lab belongs to?
A: Rekenber

Q: The first sentence is “Few Persons…
A: Combined Into One

Q: The next one is “I Alone…
A: Can Never Be Done

Q: Like a riddle, and the answer is…
A: Family

Q: I’m worried about him. Where do you think he would go
A: Wilderness

The Last Leg

Nearly there! You’ll eventually head back into the Magma Dungeon and encounter Soth again (That big Frankenstein like monster you encountered at the end of the Twilight Captain Cap quest).

Plot twist, Soth is Siren’s father whaaa… lol

The Eye of Dawn

After slaying Soth, head back to Juno to speak with Karl again. That’s it! Congrats on unlocking the Eye of Dawn.

Don’t forget to open up your adventure book to collect your Free Eye of Dawn.

You’ve come this far, keep going and also get your hands on the awesome golden Dawn Wings.