Ragnarok Mobile Comodo Update adds the new weekly dungeon Ponape Museum to the game. Here’s how to get there and a few tips for farming your Ancient Equip.

Garment, Footgears and Accessory Ancient Equip can be farmed at Lost Isle dungeon. Rewards are seperate so you can farm both Ponape and Lost Isle once a week.

Location and Details

  1. The Ponape Museum NPC is located in Comodo (See Above).
  2. Similar to Endless Tower, Ponape Museum is a 6 Player instance that resets weekly.
  3. Entry Requirement is Base Lv. 120.

Gameplay Details and Tips

Defeating MVP Stages will give rewards (total 3 Stages). Additionally you can spend Fortune Coins for additional rewards.

Stage One
The First Stage is pretty easy. Just avoid those red circles to avoid being bursted.

Stage Two
The Second Stage is also pretty straight forward. Avoid the red squares and you’ll be fine.

Stage Three
The Third Stage is the hard part. You’ll face 4 MVPs simultaneously but here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. All MVPs are Large and Demi Human so use equip/cards to deal extra damage.
  2. Have your party focus on 1 MVP at a time.
  3. Each MVP has 2 classes (indicated next to their HP bar on the right).
  4. Focus first on Nooka as his disarm is quite annoying. Alternative you can aim for Pacarani as she is the Healer.
  5. Next you can burst down Camorra the Wizard as her Meteor Storm and Plants have kill threat.

Having trouble with Stage 3? We have a more detailed guide with tips to help.


Military Exploit Chest – Off-handUse to obtain a random piece of ancient off-hand gear.
Military Exploit Chest – ArmorUse to obtain a random piece of ancient armor gear.
Warrior Military Chest – OffhandUse it to pick one of three superior pieces of ancient off-hand gear as your reward.
Warrior Military Chest – ArmorUse it to pick one of three superior suits of ancient Armor gear as your reward.
Prehistoric Brand – HeroCan Exchange 80 Prehistoric Brand - Hero for a choice of superior ancient gear.
Hearth AshCan be used to increase slots and repair ancient equipment