auto chess goblin mech

The Goblin Mech strategy is a very strong early game build due to its Goblin and Mech synergy buff that can be obtained with only 3 units.

Welcome to an introduction to Goblin Mech – Auto Chess Mobile Drodo Edition. With just a Soul Breaker, Sky Breaker and Heaven Bomber your team unlocks two synergies.
(3) Goblin – a random ally will receive +12 armor and +10 HP regen during the battle.
(2) Mech – all your Mechs gain +15 HP regen.

This makes your units very durable early on. Helping you get those early wins, build that win streak and hopefully snowball.

Ok so what’s the catch? Well, whilst Goblins certainly have it easy early on, their effectiveness drops off mid game (More on this later). This is because the bonus armor and regen loses its effectiveness as the game progresses.

Furthermore for players aiming to stick with Goblin Mech into the late game will need to pick up a Devastator. This is because you will want the (6) Goblin synergy that adds an additional +12 armor and +10 HP regen to all units.

That’s a lot of durability. However it does requires 6 Goblins. For now, this means Devastator (legendary unit) is a requirement. Unlike with other synergies that have intermediate synergy upgrades ie at 2/4/6 there’s nothing in between for the Goblin synergy. Therefore players may struggle if they cannot roll a Devastator early enough.

The Lineup

Let’s take a quick look at the Goblin pieces.

Heaven Bomber
Sky Breaker
Soul Breaker
4( 4 / 6 )
0( 1 / 6 )
0( 1 / 6 )
6( 6 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )

Early Game

auto chess goblin mech early

In the early rounds you will want to build 2 Star pieces. Try to meet the requirements for the (3) Goblin and (2) Mech synergy bonus. Any 3 units (Soul Breaker, Sky Breaker, Heaven Bomber or Ripper) will do. Try to avoid rolling as you will need the economy to boost your level (more on that later).

Mid Game

auto chess goblin mech mid game

By mid game hopefully you have a couple of 2 Star pieces on the board. You will start to see your damage and synergy advantage drop off now. To help you survive the mid game you will need a bit more damage. In my case I’ve picked up a Queen Of Pain and placed it just behind my front line. This is so that we get the most out of her Scream of Devil AoE skill attack. Additionally you can also pick up another Assassin for the (3) Assassin synergy (Assassins get 15% chance to crit for 3x damage).

Before you head into the late game you will need a decent amount of 2 Star Pieces on the board. This will help you survive whilst pumping your levels. You may roll for these pieces whilst steadily building your economy. Rolling at earlier levels (Eg. at Level 6) is actually quite good for Goblins. Soul Breaker, Sky Breaker and Heaven Bomber are all 1 Gold common pieces. Additionally Ripper and units like Queen of Pain are only 2 Gold Uncommon pieces. Quite convenient indeed.

Late Game

To survive late game you will need the legendary unit Devastator. This is so your team can receive the (6) Goblin syngery buff. You will also get the (4) Mech synergy but its really the Goblin one that will win you the game. You will need a strong economy for this part as you will be purchasing EXP until you reach level 9 (needed to give you a decent chance at finding that Devastator). Depending on how strong your board is you may lose some rounds before you obtain your Devastator. However you should have had a pretty strong early game and therefore will likely have the HP to take a few losses. Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.


The Goblin Mech build is a very popular strategy due to its strong early game and simple progression. Hence it is quite popular and useful for beginners. Consider adding this composition to your arsenal.

Bonus (Goblin Gambler Strategy)

There’s also a strategy known as the “Goblin Gambler” strategy. This play style relies on rolling early. This means burning your economy on rolls straight from the beginning. Remember how we talked about how Goblins have a cheap early line up made up of 1 and 2 Gold pieces. Well, this means rolling early where the probability of these units is highest would give the player the greatest chance of obtaining 2 Star and even 3 Star Pieces.

Why would you do this? First of all if you have a strong lineup this puts pressure on opponents to spend. It punishes those who are playing standard (slowly building their economy). Second, if you have a strong enough early line up this would hopefully give you enough of a head start (win streak) so that you can build your economy in the mid game.

Why I don’t recommend this strategy to beginners

After testing this build myself I found that its progression can vary quite a bit depending on your rolls. Sometimes I found my self with a 2 Star Piece at Round 4, other times it took until Round 8. At times I’d have a 3 Star Piece at Round 4, other times it took until Round 17. If you do not have a strong enough board for the Mid Game you will fall very far behind as you would have burned through your savings.

To play this strategy effectively you need a good sense of how strong your board is relative to your opponents. Then you must decide when to start playing standard (building your economy). This ideally should be on or before Round 17 as by then you would have reached Level 6 by default.

The one time I did however find this strategy to be effective was when there were other Goblin Mech players who were playing standard. In this case your early rolls would reduce the pool of early units available to these other players. As they aren’t rolling aggressively they will find it much harder to obtain the pieces they want. This especially hurts Goblin Mech players as a strong early game certainly helps during the push to Level 9.

Transition Builds

Going straight (6) Goblin is one strategy. However many players opt to use Goblin Mech as a starting point before either fully or partially transitioning into another build. This is because they can take advantage of Goblin Mech’s strong early game, allowing them to get those early wins. From there they can either build their secondary synergy or fully transition into another build. But that’s for another time.

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