Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7 Part 3 Update adds the Divine Spirit Tree Extension. Unlock new nodes, exchange air of chaos for stats and trade chaos crystals for rewards.

Unlock Spirit Tree Extension

Complete the “Leading to the unknown” Divine Spirit Tree advanced quest to expand your spirit tree. To start, first head to Wasteland and speak with Romani (See Above).

There’s a bit of dialogue but the quest is very short and straight forward. You will be lead into the new wasteland map Maple Leaf Faramita as you unlock the Spirit Tree Extension.

From here you can start unlocking your new nodes. However you can continue and complete the quest chain for extra rewards including the Star Branch Dream mouth equipment.

Bonus: The new wasteland maps has its own set of daily quests that can be completed for more Time Quicksand!

Divine Spirit Tree Extension

Once unlocked you can toggle between the new and old spirit tree by selecting the portal at the base of the tree (See Above).

Additionally you can now also access your tree page in Maple Leaf Faramita (Same location as the one you find in the original wasteland map).

Unlocking nodes will again require Ancient Remains, Dust in Wilderness and Maple Coloured Agate (These resources are now also dropped in the new wasteland maps Maple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain).

The below nodes are of particular interest:

Red Nodes – Get First (See Picture Above)

  1. Air of Chaos (Increase drop rate of Air of Chaos)
  2. As if gaining the most precious treasure (Increase Infernal Monster Chest daily limit)

Green Nodes – Also Good (See Picture Above)

  1. Dream Chopping Blade (Can trade Ancient Remains for Air of Chaos)
  2. Tattered Bag (Permanently increases inventory space by 30)

There are also new end nodes that give permanent stat buffs to your character. You can slowly work towards completing them.

Chaos Breath System

  1. Killing monsters in the new wasteland mapsMaple Leaf Faramita and Frost Domain will reward Air of Chaos.
  2. You can view how much Air of Chaos you have via your profile (See Above)
  3. You can have a max of 15,000 Air of Chaos.
  1. The more Air of Chaos you have the more Chaos Monsters will appear in the new wasteland maps.
  2. Chaos Monsters drop Crystal of Chaos.
  1. Crystal of Chaos can be exchanged for a variety of rewards most notably Nightmare Chests (open to obtain random Luoyang MVP material).
  2. 5x Nightmare Chest can be purchased per character per week.
  3. Crystal of Chaos can be placed into shared storage. Therefore you can transfer it to help your alts purchase their weekly quota.
  4. Air of Chaos can also be exchanged for permanent stat bonuses at the Frost Statue (See Below).

Frost Statue

The Frost Statue can be found in Frost Domain (See Above). Exchange Air of Chaos for bonus stats.

Tip: Keep as much Air of Chaos as you can spare with you so that Chaos Monsters still spawn around you.

Stat Bonuses are unlocked one at a time. Here’s what you can get:

OrderAir of ChaosBonus Stats
1st200Def +6, Atk +2
2nd500Max HP +120
3rd1,000M.Def +6, M.Atk +2
4th1,500Max HP +120
5th2,000Def +1%, Atk +4
6th2,500M.Def +1%, M.Atk +4
7th3,000Atk +4, M.Atk +4
8th4,000Max HP +240
9th5,000Atk +8, M.Atk +8
10th+1,00050,000 Zeny

Once you have unlocked all the stat bonuses (10th+) you can continue to exchange your spare Air of Chaos for Zeny (1,000 Air of Chaos = 50,000z).