Join the Genshin Impact Wishful Drops Event. Obtain the Inquisitive Endora gadget, capture Oceanid Creatures and defeat Rhodeia’s Rage for Endora Pet, Primogems and more.

Event Details

Event Duration
2021/04/09 10:00 – 2021/04/16 03:59 (Server Time)

Adventure Rank 20 or above

Gameplay Details

  1. Complete the prerequisite quest “Life Flows On (I)” to receive the event gadget “Inquisitive Endora”.
  2. Head to an exploration area and use the gadget.
  3. Your “E” ability will now spit water (hold to increase distance).
  4. Capture Oceanid Creatures (blue monsters) by spitting water at them.
  5. Cryo can make capturing easier but it’s not necessary.
  6. Capturing will increase exploration progress.
  7. Reach 100% progress to earn rewards (Primogems, Mora and Heart of the Spring).
  8. Additional areas will be unlocked as the Event progresses.
  9. Head to Oceanid Arena.
  10. Interact with the mechanism in the center of the arena to challenge Rhodeia’s Rage.
  11. Use Heart of the Spring (or 40 Resin) to collect rewards (Character Exp Materials).
  12. Certain characters will have bonus Hydro Res and Energy Recharge during the Rhodeia’s Rage challenge.
  13. Challenge can be completed in Co-Op
  14. Stand on Fitful Rapids (blue circles) to avoid attacks. Alternatively use a character like Venti to get airborne.
  15. Complete all 5 exploration areas to unlock the Endora pet.