This Auto Chess patch adds the new piece Rogue Guard, a recommended items system, a support a creator program, a bunch of item adjustments, optimisations, fixes and a warrior nerf.

Patch Notes


  1. New Piece: Rogue Guard; Skull Hunter is temporary removed
  2. New Fantasy Mode: Among Brothers, Start From Zero
  3. New Leaderboard: Wins Leaderboard
  4. Recommended Items: When you drag or select an Item in game, recommended Item will be highlighted
  5. Marketplace
  6. Time limited Decoration (Experience Card)
  7. In-game Guidance: Guide for novices
  8. SUPPORT_A_CREATOR program

[Items Adjustment]

(1) Added: Lucky Coin
Effect: +10% Evasion

(2) Added: Shadow Edge
Effect: +15% Evasion, +15% Attack and +15% Attack Speed
Combination Chain: Wooden Club + Lucky Coin

(3) Added: Cloud Halberd
Effect: +15% Evasion, +15% HP. Active: Disarms the enemy Piece with the highest Attack for 5 seconds.
Combination Chain: Kira Axe + Lucky Coin

(4) Added: Heaven’s Gift
Effect: +15% HP, grants 100% chances to block 10 damages while being attacked. Active: Recovers 15% of HP max for all friendly Pieces in 3 grids, and grants 100% chances to block 20 damages within 10 seconds
Combination Chain: Kira Axe + Shield

(5) Rebuilt: Infused Mask
Effect: +10% Life Steal, +500 max HP. Prevents the enemy Piece from recovering HP for 5 seconds when hit.
Combination Chain: Dracula Mas + Dragon Blood Axe
Infused Masks will no longer drop.

(6) Added: Puppet Mask
Effect: +15% Magic Resistance, +10% HP Regeneration for all friendly Pieces within 1 grid.
Combination Chain: Dracula Mask + Resistance Cloak

(7) Added: Jade Pipe
Combination Chain: Anti-Maga Cloak + Life Crystal
Effect: +15% Magic Resistance, +10 HP Regeneration, +250 HP. Active: Grants all friendly Pieces within 3 grids a shield that resists 200 Magical Damage. Lasts for 5 seconds.

(8) Added: Icearmor
Effect: +10 Armor, +15% Skill Damage, +50% Mana Regeneration while attacking. Active: Shoots a freezing wave towards the enemy which deals 100 damage and reduces their attack speed by 30% for 5 seconds. Combination Chain: Steel Platemail + Mysterial Staff


  1. Separated the Synergy effects of the same Race & Class into different rows. Synergies and Race effects no longer stack. The stat values are adjusted accordingly to compensate.
  2. The Piece is no longer invincible when its moving distance is less than 3 grids
  3. Optimized illustration for most Pieces
  4. No longer need to team up before sending an invitation.
  5. Customer Service is now reachable directly through the homepage.
  6. Emoji limit removed. Have fun using all of your emojis in chat!
  7. Optimized the Illustration interface
  8. Optimized the logic of mode selection
  9. Optimized the display of Races & Classes info panel in the battle
  10. Optimized matching rules of the high-ranking chess players, the mechanism is now more fair
  11. Optimized the in-game combat experience
  12. Optimized some modules’ performance
  13. Optimized some special effects’ performance
  14. It’s now a default setting to be able to move your Chess player
  15. It’s now possible to change language for Voices


  1. Fixed loading error after updating the resource
  2. Fixed the abnormal red dot prompt when entering the Chess Pass interface
  3. Fixed the sorting error in Private chat channel
  4. Fixed the error prompt after sharing and returning to the game
  5. Fixed the problem of repeating the First Win animation after sharing
  6. Accelerated animation when getting Candies
  7. Fixed a problem where a random server will be automatically chosen while login


Warrior-Synergy (3)/(6)/(9): adjusted Armor bonus from 6/13/21 to 6/12/20.

Next Patch – 20 Sep 19