The new Arknights Chapter 5: Necessary Solutions Episode Update has arrived in Global. With it comes the new 6 Star Chen operator and a bunch of events.

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Event Summary

Eyjafjalla Banner21 Feb 20 - 6 Mar 20Operator Rate Up:
6★ Eyjafjalla, Ifrit

5★ Silence, Mayer, Lappland

Added: Skadi, Nightmare, Beehunter, Midnight
Episode 5: Necessary SolutionsStarts 26 Feb 20
Clear Operation 4-10 to Unlock
New Furniture Lucky DropStarts 26 Feb 20
Colombian Modern Hotel themed furniture available as Lucky Drop from Main Storyline + Supplies
Supplies & Chips Full Week Access26 Feb 20 - 4 Mar 20All stages in Supplies & Chips stay open during period
Chen Banner26 Feb 20 - 11 Mar 20Operator Rate Up:
6★ Ch'en

5★ Swire, FEater

4★ Greyy

Added: Spot, Popukar
New Outfits26 Feb 20 - 25 Mar 20Outfits for:
Exusiai, Cliffheart and Cuora
New Furniture26 Feb 20 to 25 Mar 20Chen's Office