auto chess core hound reward

Reach rank Bishop in Auto Chess Mobile – Drodo and receive the Core Hound Chess Player (Season 1 Reward).

Season 1 of Auto Chess will run from 30 May 19 to 21 July 19. Even without the Senior Pass (Season Pass) free to play players can earn a bunch of Candies, Decorations and Items (EXP & Candy Boost) throughout the season. Possibly the most notable reward is the “Chess Player” Core Hound. You may have seen it before, it’s the lava dog character that some players have equipped instead of that default green goblin known as Hatred.

Claim The Core Hound Reward

So how do you get the Core Hound? Simple, reach Bishop rank and place Top 3 at least 15 times and you will receive the reward. But hurry, make sure you claim the reward before the season ends.

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