How to beat Spiral Abyss Floor 9 in Genshin Impact Update 1.2 (Sheer Cold and Frostarm Lawachurl). Here’s a guide with tips to help you clear the floor.

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Party Setup

Primary DPS Lv. 80+
Supports Lv. 50+

Element 1Element 2Element 3Healer
First Half

(F2P Suggestions)


Second Half

(F2P Suggestions)


**Noelle is particularly good as she is a Geo Claymore character (great for shields) that can also fill the healing role.
***Chongyun is great as his Claymore will also help break shields
  • [First Half][Second Half] Both halves require Pyro.
  • [First Half][Second Half] Electro is also a great element to have on this floor (for Superconduct)
  • [First Half] Venti/Surcrose crowd control is nice to have.
  • [Second Half] Cryo for Electrohammer Vanguard

Read more about shield counters.

Ley Line Disorder

  • Characters on the field will continuously accumulate Sheer Cold, and will continually lose HP after Sheer Cold reaches its limit.
  • Opponents will attack the Ruin Braziers, preventing them from diminishing the effects of Sheer Cold in the area. Deactivated Ruin Braziers will restart after a while.

Simply stay near the Ruin Braiziers (totems) to reduce Sheer Cold.

Chamber 1

  1. [First Half] All enemies here have Cryo Shields. Break them with Pyro/Claymore before dealing damage.
  1. [Second Half] Quickly finish off the Samachurl and Hilichurl Shooters first before dealing with the Abuss Mage and Mitachurl.
  2. [Second Half] Break Cryo Shields with Pyro.

Chamber 2

  1. [First Half] Again break Cryo Shields with Pyro/Claymore.
  1. [Second Half] Aim for the Cryogunner first as it has the Aura.
  2. [Second Half] Next take out the Anemoboxer. Try not to use skills against it whilst its shield is up.
  3. [Second Half] Lastly use Cryo against the Electrohammer shield.

Chamber 3

  1. [First Half] Aim for the Hilichurl Shooters first.
  2. [First Half] Then use Pyro/Claymore to break the Lawachurl ice armor before applying DPS.
  1. [Second Half] Aim for the Abyss Mage first as it has the Aura.
  2. [Second Half] Break shields with Pyro.

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