The Zhongli Banner is now available in Genshin Impact along with a new Epitome Invocation weapon banner.

Gentry of Hermitage Banner

Rate Up Characters

  • 5-Star Zhongli (Geo Polearm) [New Character]
  • 4-Star Xinyan (Pyro Claymore) [New Character]
  • 4-Star Razor (Electro Claymore)
  • 4-Star Chongyun (Cryo Claymore)


  • Good opportunity to get Chongyun constellations. C1 gives a boost to his DPS capability. C2 gives one of the few ways to reduce CD for your character abilities. Great for support.
  • Razor is a solid 4-Star DPS. C0-C4 greatly increases his DPS potential.

Epitome Invocation

Rate Up Weapons

  • 5-Star Vortex Vanquisher (Polearm)
  • 5-Star The Unforged (Claymore)
  • 4-Star Lion’s Roar (Sword)
  • 4-Star The Bell (Claymore)
  • 4-Star Favonius Codex (Catalyst)
  • 4-Star Favonius Warbow (Bow)
  • 4-Star Dragon’s Bane (Polearm)