The Night of Destruction (NOD) Rift is a Glast Heim Time Rift that awards materials including Dog Teeth and Flame.

The Rift itself can be accessed once you reach base level 80. It consists of 5 Parts. Completing all these parts will satisfy your daily rift quota.

Where To Enter NOD Rift

You will find the entrance to NOD Rift in Glast Heim. Speak to the NPC next to the fireplace (See above). The Rift itself is quite straight forward, here’s a summary of what it includes:

Part 1: Defeat Immortal Priest
First defeat the scattered enemies. Pretty easy and straight forward. You will then face an Evil Druid boss. Proceed to kill the mobs it spawns. Once you see the prompt “Defeat Immortal Priest” focus the boss down. If you are having trouble, a bit of AoE crowd control (Eg. Storm Gust) will go a long way.

Part 2: Defeat Awakening Wraith
Pull that switch. Defeat the Dark Priests surrounding the “Awakening Wraith”. Kill the summoned monsters then defeat the Wraith itself. Again if you are having trouble, AoE crowd control is again your friend.

Part 3: Defeat Demon High Preist
Next eliminate the High Priests before defeating the Demon High Priest itself. Pretty straight forward, nothing special here.

Part 4: Defeat Dark Illusion
Speak to Himmelmez. She will spawn a few Abyssal Knights followed by a Dark Illusion. Focus it down before it has a chance to cast Meteor Storm and your team should be ok.

Part 5: Defeat Fallen Epic Spirit

Last Part! Defeat the final boss Bloody Knight. Just focus him down and that’s it.

If your party has enough DPS you should breeze through the rift.

Base Level 90? Check out the Space Time Rift