Here’s a table that charts out how much EXP and Mora you get from spending resin on Ley Lines in Genshin Impact.

Ley Line Rewards

ARAR EXPCompanion EXPCharacter EXP MaterialEXP EquivalentMora
8-11100103-4 Adventurer's Experience
7-8 Wanderer's Advice
12-19100103-4 Adventurer's Experience
7-8 Wanderer's Advice
20-24100155-6 Adventurer's Experience
10-12 Wanderer's Advice
25-291001510-11 Adventurer's Experience50,000-55,000EXP28,000
30-341001513-14 Adventurer's Experience60,000-70,000EXP36,000
35-39100156-7 Adventurer's Experience
2-3 Hero's Wit
40-44100206-7 Adventurer's Experience
3-4 Hero's Wit
45-49100206-7 Adventurer's Experience
4-5 Hero's Wit
50-54100206-7 Adventurer's Experience
4-5 Hero's Wit
Collecting rewards from Ley Lines costs 20 Resin
Ley Line Blosson of Revelation rewards EXP. Ley Line Blossom of Wealth rewards Mora.
Wanderer's Advice (1,000EXP), Adventurer's Experience (5,000EXP), Hero's Wit (20,000EXP)


Do Ley Lines require Resin?
Collecting rewards costs 20 Resin. However you can complete them for free.

If I don’t collect rewards do Ley Lines respawn.
Yes, they will respawn at daily server reset. Great for completing the Battle Pass task without spending resin.

What increases Ley Line Rewards?
Ley Line rewards are based on AR level.

Do I get both EXP and Mora?
No. You have to pick either EXP (Ley Line Blossom of Revelation) or Mora (Ley Line Blossom of Wealth).