How to manage your guild donation strategy to maximize your Gold Medal and Contribution Points.

You’re going to be investing heavily into unlocking your Guild Runes. But it’s worth it! Unlike with gear, guild runes don’t take up any slots. Therefore it is a bonus your character will keep for life.

How You Should Manage Guild Donations

First, I’d like to highlight that there are a lot of guild runes to unlock. At T3 it will cost over 1 million Contribution Points and over 3,000 Gold Medals to unlock all T3 runes. So how much does this equate to? We’ll a very rough estimate would be over 500 million Zeny.

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A Very Rough Estimate

How did we get to this very rough estimate? Well it’s based on a steady donation of paying roughly on average 200 Zeny per contribution point and 100k Zeny per Gold Medal (Of course this varies depending on the rate you choose to make your donations). This leads nicely to the next point.

The Marathon

Gathering Gold Medals and Contribution Points is a very gradual process. You’re in it for the long haul. Why is this the case? Well, first of all guild donations are essentially capped.

You will receive a set number of donation “orders”. Once an order is filled it will be removed from the list. New orders are gradually added. If your list is full, the oldest order is replaced.

The max orders available at a time will depend on your Guild’s level (starting at 5 orders at Guild Level 1), with the highest being 10 orders for Level 10 Guilds.

Making donations increases the amount of materials required for that order. Furthermore, each order has a maximum donation limit. In essence, you won’t be unlocking all your runes overnight.

Order materials and contribution point rewards will vary depending on your base level. As your base level increases so will your rewards.

A Cost Effective Solution

Completing your Guild Runes has a massive cost. Therefore you will want to ensure you are getting a good price for your Gold Medals and Contribution Points. As the cost per reward increases as you make donations, it becomes a balancing act between rune progression speed and how much you pay.

You can fill all your orders, but that will likely be unsustainable and cost you a heap. On the other hand you don’t want to donate too little as you will progress too slow.

The Bottom Line

So how much should you donate? There’s no set rule, it really does come down to personal preference and what the alternative is. After all it’s essentially a decision of where you spend your Zeny. You can work on gear, invest it into guild runes or refine gamble it away haha.

However if you are looking for a set amount. In practice, personally I have found donating roughly up to 400 Zeny per Contribution Point (eg. fill orders costing up to 30k Zeny). As for Gold Badges, filling orders up to 200k per Gold Medal is quite sustainable.

The actual amount you choose to donate may vary. What’s important is that you are consistent.


A bit of additional info:

  • You can reset your guild runes any time by selecting the central main guild rune.
  • You can use Ymir’s Notebook for unlimited free rune resets.
  • If you leave your guild you will lose half your unused Gold Medals and Contribution Points (Just make sure you spend them all before leaving).