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Ragnarok Mobile Arena, get Fighter Coins and get Marchosias’ gear. You might have seen players walk around with Marchosias’ Tail. It’s the blue one everyone’s rocking. Did everyone just dig deep into their zeny pockets for it? Nope … here’s how they got it without spending a dime! First you will need to earn some Fighter Coins.

Participate in Ragnarok Mobile Arena to earn fighter coins. First, access the PvP Arena first click more in the top right hand corner of your Ragnarok Mobile interface, then click Arena. You have three choices here. Yoyo Arena (Free For All), Wolf Arena (5v5) and Emperium Battle. You will want to pick the Yoyo Arena as it is the simplest way to earn your fighter coins as a solo player, the other areas will require you to enter as a party.

You will receive 10 fighter coins each time you slay a player. But don’t worry if you die and miss out on kills as you will still receive 3 fighter coins for assists. These assists are counted when you do damage to other players but do not get the finishing blow. Essentially just landing hits will earn you fighter coins. Therefore, when those players that you hit eventually gets knocked down (everyone goes down) you will be rewarded with fighter coins. Tip: Use your AOE skill on bunched up players to proc multiple assists.

Fighter Coin Limit: You can earn up to 300 Fighter Coins a day. Additionally earning Fighter Coins are limited to a total of 1,000 per week.

Buy your Marchosias Gear

To purchase your Marchosias gear first head to the Arena Quatermaster Helena. Find her in the top section of Prontera. Next you will need to use your arena Fighter Coins as well as Silver Medals to get your hands on that sweet refine attack boost. Earn silver medals from completing Guild Quests, Monster Resistance, Rift Quests, Mission Board, Endless Tower and Training Grounds … that no one does.

Marchosias’ Tail (1,500 Fighter Coin & 60 Silver Medals)

  • +10 Refine Atk
  • +2 Refine Atk for each +1 Refine

Marchosias’ Arrow (1,000 Fighter Coin & 60 Silver Medals)

  • +10 Refine M.Atk
  • +2 Refine M.Atk for each +1 Refine

Got your fluffy tail? Now you will never have to enter PvP again …