The Smokie Event has landed in Ragnarok Mobile for both Global and SEA. Earn Smokie Badges and trade them for a variety of rewards.

Rewards include Seed of Mastela, Truancy Crown Blueprint, Flying Wisdom Blueprint and Praying Card Packs.

This event is available on both Global and SEA. Below are a summary and details on the event for the Global Server. Playing on SEA? You have extra content including a daily quest and an unique Smokie School instance. Find your notes here.

Summary: Event Dates

Here’s a quick summary of the events and important dates (ordered by start date, then end date). Additional details below.

Monster Loot5th Sep to 12th SepProntera North: Earn Smokie Badges
Mid-Autumn and Full Moon Giftbox5th Sep to 13th SepB Coin Store Items
The Smokie's Appreciation (Mission Board)12th Sep to 19th SepMission Board: Earn Smokie Badge
Gachapon Feast12th Sep to 26th SepFantasy Generator Feast: Rosa Knight Costume
Repairing the Campus, Donate “Gems”19th Sep to 26th SepProntera: Donate Gems
The Smokie's Appreciation (Time Rift)19th Sep to 26th SepTime Rift: Earn Smokie Badge
The Smokie's Appreciation (Endless Tower)23rd to 30th Sep2x Endless Tower Rewards

It is that time of the year. Smokie Illusion Spell School is getting busy again.

Event 1: Monster Loot

There is a big group of smokie hunters appear in Prontera North! Defeat them to protect the smokies! There is a chance to receive “Smokie Badge” when slaying a Smokie Hunter


You can get maximum 200 “Smokie Badge” per day from slaying Smokie Hunters

You will still be able to receive “Smokie Badge” even running out of combat time

Bonus #1: Use auto attack with Awakening Potion and Agi Meal to boost attack speed for quick kills. Are you a mage/caster? Try auto attacking instead.

Bonus #2: Have an active pet for extra hits.

Bonus #3: Smokie Hunters are Human, therefore using +Dmg against Demi-Human gear (eg. Hydra Card) will boost damage dealt.

How Many Badges Do You Need

ItemCostPurchase LimitTotal
Truancy Crown Blueprint
Flying Wisdom Blueprint
Seed of Mastela

Out of all the rewards you’re probably going to want the two blueprints and the Seed of Mastela. This will cost you a total 1,760 Smokie Badges. Will you be able to get enough?

  • Monster Loot: 200 Per Day * 7 Days = 1,400
  • Mission Board: 30 Per Day * 7 Days = 210
  • Time Rift: 30 Per Day * 7 Days = 210
  • Total: 1,820

Getting the maximum daily Smokie Badge reward for the above quests will net you a total 1,820 Badges. That’s just enough for these 3 items, with a bit to spare.

For even more badges, grab your alts and slay more Smokie Hunters. With 2 alts, that’s an extra 2,800 Smokie Badges!

Event Time: 5th Sep to 12th Sep

Event 2: Repairing the Campus, Donate “Gems”

The Smokie Campus has been damage during the series of incidents.

Adventurer, for the good of little Smokies, please donate some gems to the smokie campus to repair it. During the event, find the Bululu the student association on Prontera to make some donation.

– The rewards of this event is limited to one character

– Donate a certain amount of “Aquamarine”. ”Topaz”. ”Zircon”. “Amethyst” to earn rewards.

  • 20x Zircon – 2x Mora Coin
  • 10x Topaz – 2x Oracle Dust
  • 25x Aquamarine – 2x Gold Medal
  • 8x Amethyst – 2x Oracle Crystal

Event Date: 19th Sep to 26th Sep

Event 3: The Smokie’s Appreciation (Mission Board)

During the event, the first character who finish a mission board quest will receive 30 “Smokie Badge” as extra rewards

Event time: 12th Sep to 19th Sep

Event 4: The Smokie’s Appreciation (Time Rift)

During the event, the first character who finish Time Rift will receive 30 “Smokie Badge” as extra rewards

Event Date: 19th Sep to 26th Sep

Event 5: The Smokie’s Appreciation (Endless Tower)

During the event, the first character who finish Endless Tower will receive double rewards

Event time: 23rd to 30th Sep

Event 6: Mid-Autumn and Full Moon Giftbox

“Mid-Autumn Giftbox” and “Full Moon Giftbox” will be available on Big Cat Store with the price of 15 Big Cat Coins, maximum 30 purchases.

“Mid-Autumn Giftbox” : Open to receive “Mora Coin”, and a 10% chance to receive “Magic Extractor”.

“Full Moon Giftbox” : Open to receive “Oracle Dust”, “Oracle Crystal”, and a 10% chance to receive “Magic Extractor”.

Event Time: 5th Sep to 13th Sep

Event 7: Gachapon Feast

Rosa Knight Themed Costume will be available on Gachapon Feast

Event Time: 12th Sep to 26th Sep