The best way to survive the Helicopter Event (Day 6-9) in Project Zomboid is to stay inside. However there are a few other options too.

When Does the Helicopter Arrive

The Helicopter event occurs between Day 6-9 between 9AM and 7PM. When it arrives it will attempt to search for you. If it finds you it will follow you, make a lot of noise and attract hoards of zombies to your location.

What to Do

You can listen to the radio for the AEBR announcement “Air activity detected”. If you hear this then it means the helicopter is arriving.

  • If you are inside when the helicopter arrives, just simply stay inside. Keep away from windows as the helicopter will migrate zombies to your general location. But as long as you stay hidden you will be safe.
  • If you are in a secluded area the helicopter there won’t be that many zombies to be drawn towards you. You may even choose to fight off whatever comes your way. However if things get a bit out of control have your vehicle ready for escape.
  • Alternatively you can just go for a drive. You’ll be pretty safe in your car as long as you have enough fuel. Just make sure your car is in good condition, you wouldn’t want it to break down…