Drodo’s starts Auto Chess Season 3 with Ranked Duo Mode, a new item drop system and Spectator Mode.

With the new item drop system all players that win the neutral round can 1 item out of 3 choices. Players failing the round will have to take the single choice they are given.

This reduces item RNG and ensures that you won’t completely miss out on items (although additional random drops are still possible).

This new system will certainly add a new layer of strategy to the game as players now have some control over their item choice.

Season 3 will run from 22 Oct 19 and end on 15 Dec 19 (Approx 3 months).

Rank Settlement

Same as with last season, ranks have been re-adjusted for Season 3.

New Rank Reward

Climb the ranks to Rook (and reach Top 3 ten times) this season to unlock the Jade Drake player piece.

New Chess Pass Rewards

This Season players with the Senior Pass can earn the Miaow Knight and The Wrestler player pieces.

Patch Notes


  1. Added Ranked (Duo) Mode, available with Season S3.
  2. Added Item Selection function in Creeps Rounds, you will now choose 1 from 3 Items with a win or a draw, or only 1 Item to get with a loss. Meanwhile the drop rate is now reduced.
  3. Added Spectator Mode. The entry is on the left side of Mail button.
  4. Added Auto function. The switch is on the upper right corner, on the right side of Network logo.
  5. Added Region selection function, you could now choose and display the flag that represents your country/region.
  6. Integrated Chat translation function, tap the button on the right side of the message to trigger the function.
  7. Added new Leaderboard: Region.
  8. Added Rewards for returning players.


  1. Optimized ergonomics for Duo mode, you will always be on the left side
  2. Added combat result in the in-game Leaderboard after each round
  3. Added equipped Item information into Settlement, Battle Record and in-game Info panel
  4. Adjusted Item inheritance rate according to the number of players remaining
  5. When the HP of the Piece is above a certain value, only the rough HP grid will be displayed
  6. When you check other player’s Chessboard, your Chess player will come along with you
  7. In Duo mode, you could now refuse the pieces shared by your partner
  8. Optimized HP bars in Duo mode
  9. Optimized font size in the game
  10. In the Gacha preview interface, added “”Own”” mark on the Items
  11. In the settlement interface, “”100% Candy Boost”” will be displayed when it’s used
  12. Optimized UI of login and homepage interfaces
  13. Optimized Chess player’s silhouette
  14. Optimized effects of Skill or Normal attacks for 11 Pieces
  15. Optimized silhouette and texture for 9 Pieces
  16. Optimized action for 2 Chess players
  17. Optimized movement of the Chess players, to avoid lagging
  18. Optimized combination rationale for Items
  19. Optimized Avatar into square form in the in-game Leaderboard interface
  20. Optimized some descriptions about Skills and Items.


  1. Fixed the shift of Piece Info after tapping and fixed splash screen bug
  2. Fixed occasional incorrect player number in custom rooms upon reentry
  3. Fixed the flashing problem of the Avatar
  4. Fixed the problem where some Avatars were displayed as question mark
  5. Fixed incorrect actions for some Pieces under the Smooth graphic quality
  6. Fixed incorrect display of some Pieces’ texture under the Smooth graphic quality