The best operator to Reroll for in Arknights is SilverAsh, here’s how to reroll and a tier list of operators you should aim for.

Arknights is a Gacha Hero Collector game. New players start off with some free Gacha pulls. Depending on your luck you can start with a more favorable hero (operator) lineup, giving you a strong start.

However you don’t have to rely on luck. Instead you can Re-roll (reset) your account until you get the desired operator.

Tier List

Alright, lets first look at who you should Reroll for. Below is a Tier List of recommended operators to look out for:

Name (Rarity)TierClassDetails
(6 Star)
SGuardTop Tier Ranged Guard
Very Versatile
Active AoE Skill
(6 Star)
SSniperTop Tier Single Target DPS
(6 Star)
SCasterTop Tier Caster
(6 Star)
AVanguardTop Tier Vanguard (Better Lategame)
(6 Star)
ADefenderVery Durable Tank
(6 Star)
ADefenderHealing Tank

Ok, so if you’re going to re-roll you’ll want to aim for the best. Aim for SilverAsh, Exusiai or Eyjafjalla.

Still can’t decide? Just go for SilverAsh (Obtainable in the Discounted Banner – See Quick Method below). He is often considered one of the best operators in the game due to his versatility.

The best 6 Star Operator? See our Tier List.

Reroll Methods

Ok, so you have a choice. Choose the quick method and roll for 1x 6 Star of your choice. Or the slow (more effort) method and roll for 2x 6 Star (1 of your choice).

How does this work?

Quick Method (3,800 Orundum)
The Discounted (Newbie Banner) will guarantee a 6 Star operator in the first 10 Rolls. Just simply pick this option and reset until you get your desired operator.

Slow Method (6,000 Orundum)
The Rotation (Event Banners) although has a higher chance of rolling a 6 Star Operator it is not guaranteed. In essence you may need to reroll multiple times to get what you want.

Note: Slow method may be even more difficult depending on which Banners are available as it affects which Operators have a higher rate.

How to Reroll

If you are using an emulator like Nox with multi-instance you can reroll multiple accounts at a time!

Ok, chosen your method? Here’s what to do next:

Quick Method (Recommended)

  1. Sign in as “Guest”
  2. Finish Tutorial
  3. Skip Mission 0-1
  4. Collect everything from Mail
  5. Headhunt x10 (3,800 Orundum)
  6. Reset if necessary (See Below)
  7. Bind your account (See Below)

It is possible to roll a 6 Star with your tutorial roll. It will not count towards that discounted banner guaranteed free 6 Star.

Slow Method

  1. Sign in as “Guest”
  2. Finish Tutorial
  3. Complete Mission 0-1, TR-1, 0-2, TR-2 and TR-3 (For 5x Originite Prime)
  4. Collect everything from Mail
  5. Collect Rookie Mission 600 Orundum Reward
  6. Convert 5x Originite Prime to Orundum
  7. Headhunt x10 (6,000 Orundum)
  8. Reset if necessary (See Below)
  9. Bind your account (See Below)
  10. You will still have your free 6 Star from your Discounted banner. Once you have enough Orundum go claim it.

This may vary depending on your platform. Essentially you have to clear your user data (game cache).

  • iOS – Settings > Privacy >Advertising > Reset Advertising Identifier
  • Android – Settings > Apps > Arknights > Clear Data
    Settings > Google > Ads >Reset Advertising ID

Binding your Account
When you have your desired roll don’t forget to bind your account. Open Settings > Account and enter your desired e-mail under Yostar.

Tip: Skip dialogue + cut scenes and toggle on 2x Speed where you can

Just starting out? Here are Top 10 Beginner Operators you should consider adding to your squad.