What are Mastela Fruit and Mastela Seed, where can you get them and why are they so expensive. Well, first of all its hefty price is likely due to these three factors:

  • Mastela Fruit is a crafting ingredient. It is required to make equipment including Sakura Puppet, Elven Ears, Hydra, Epic Spirit Lightning and Epic Spirit Death Convoy (That cool blue flaming tail).
  • Mastela Seed (required to craft Mastela Fruit) currently cannot be farmed. That’s right, nothing drops it. You have to either buy them from the exchange or wait for events to grab some.
  • Players have stocked up on Mastela Fruit and Mastela Seed (probably from early on) as they predict demand for Mastela may increase even further should more desirable items that require the material be added in future updates.

Where to Get It: Crafting

ragnarok mobile where to craft mastela fruit

Crafting a Mastela Fruit will cost 5x Mastela Seed, 1x Honey and 10,000 Zeny. Mastela Seed cannot be farmed. Therefore you will either have to buy them from the exchange or wait for an event. Once you have the ingredients? Head to the middle of Prontera and speak to Mitt (See above). That’s it! He will trade you your precious Fruit. Now be careful, you wouldn’t want to accidentally eat it …

How Much Will It Cost: Craft vs Buy from Exchange

Let’s take a look at how much it currently costs to obtain this rare fruit.

5x Mastela Seed609,035552,930
1x Honey5,5956,299
Total Crafting Cost624,630569,229
Exchange Cost0559,111