You can craft elemental arrows in Ragnarok by speaking to NPC in Payon. It’s a great way to use unwanted converters to quickly sell them for profit!

Depending on the mobs you farm, at some point you may find your self with a bunch of extra converters. So what can you do with them? We’ll you could sell them on the exchange. But it may take a while …

You can quickly to offload them to an NPC by first converting them to Elemental Arrows. But doing so you will receive less than from what you would get from selling on the exchange. Let’s look at how much zeny you actually get.

How To Craft Elemental Arrows

First head to Payon. You will find two NPCs Juncos and Ironfeather. They both convert Elemental Converters to Elemental Arrows. 1 Elemental Converter = 1,000 Elemental Arrows. Juncos will provide 10,000 arrows at a time, whilst Ironfeather will give 1,000.

How Much Zeny

Selling a single converter on the exchange will net you 2,700 Zeny (after fees and taxes).

Important: Not all converters sell on the exchange for the same price (prices fluctuate). The ones you will struggle to sell are generally being sold on the exhange for 3,000 Zeny (This is the min amount). We do not recommend the arrow method for converters selling for more than 3,000 Zeny on the exchange. Instead these can be directly sold on the exchange for a larger profit.

Converting To Arrows

Exchanging Converters to arrows will net you 1,000 Zeny. Now that’s a pretty big difference! So why would you convert them to arrows?

Well, selling thousands of converters will take a while (for converters in high supply and low demand ie 3,000 Zeny ones). However keep in mind this may change if a patch or event is introduced that affects the supply/demand of these items. So be wary before pawning off your spare converters.

If you have a Merchant, you will want to make use of its Overprice skill. At level 10 it will give you 24% extra Zeny when selling to the NPC.

Although you receive less from selling directly to an NPC. Nevertheless it can be a quick way to make a bit of extra Zeny. Great if you’re a bit short from a purchase.