Complete the Genshin Impact Thaw All The Shards Out Again quest, unlock the Dragonspine Domain Elegaic Rime and farm the new Hydro and Cryo Artifact sets.

If you haven’t done so yet complete the first part of the quest and unlock the Frostbearing Tree.

Dragonspine’s Summit

The quest will ask you to head for Dragonspine’s summit. Take the Statue of The Seven waypoint near Entombed City – Ancient Palace (see above).

Then head South East. Don’t go into that big hole in the ground instead enter the cave that’s in front of you (see above).

Thaw Out Shards

There are 3 shards again. This time all in one location but in the air on floating rocks.

  1. [Top Left Pic] Go grab the waypoint first. From there keep spiraling upwards until you see an archway.
  2. [Top Right Pic] Head through the archway and up the cliff on the west side.
  3. [Bottom Left Pic] At the top you will find an Anemo totem. Activate the totem and travel to the other side.
  4. [Bottom Right Pic] There you will find a Crimson Agate. Grab it and glide down towards the shards.

You will need to complete this process 3 times one time for each shard. Don’t worry if you mess up the Crystal Agate node will keep respawning until you have completed the quest.

Elegaic Rime (New Dragonspine Domain)

Once the shards are melted the center pillar will reform and float away revealing the new domain below.

You can now farm the new Cryo and Hydro Artifact sets!