Ragnarok Mobile 2.0 adds the Ancient Relic System to the game. Basically its a new craftable equipment that fits in the new expanded Accessory slot.

Ancient relics are available from Base Lv. 140

How to Unlock Ancient Relics

Just go speak to the Ancient Relics NPC in Prontera (See Above). That’s it! The NPC has a few options, here’s a quick overview:

  1. Relics Shop
    – Buy Purple Dust (Svartalf Normal Dust). Used to buy Relic Shards and upgrading Relics.
    – Buy Relic Shards (has weekly limit). Collect Relic Shards and combine them to craft Ancient Relic Equipment.
  2. Combine Ancient Relics
    – Crafting Ancient Relics (new equipment). Use your Relic Shards here.
  3. Remolding Ancient Relics
    – Spend Purple or Yellow Dust (Svartalf Elf Dust) to upgrade your Blue/Purple Ancient Relic stats.
    – Upgrading gives a random chance of increasing/decreasing your Ancient Relic stats.
    – Yellow Dust (BCC Item) gives higher rate of increasing stats.
    – Purple Ancient Relics have powerful abilities that can be unlocked once 80% upgrade on all stats is obtained.
  4. Decompose Ancient Relics
    – Salvage Ancient Relics for Purple Dust. Good for duplicates.
  5. Replace Ancient Relics
    – Trade 5x Purple Relic Shards for 1x Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard.
    – Ultimate Ancient Relic Shards give a random Purple Relic Shard.

Crafting and Remolding Ancient Relics require a lot of dust. If you have the funds you may want to purchase the max quota every week.

Your First Ancient Relic

  1. Purchase Purple Dust from the Ancient Relics NPC (Relics Shop Option).
    – Max 24. Purple Dust per Week.
    – Price increases after every 6x Purple Dust (100k, 200k, 300, 400k Zeny per Purple Dust respectively).
  2. Purchase Unknown Ancient Relic Shards (Costs 12x Purple Dust)
  3. Appraising Unknown Ancient Relic Shards gives either:
    – Green Ancient Relic (Common). This is the actual Ancient Relic that can be equipped (Blue and Purple Ancient Relics need to be crafted).
    – Green Ancient Relic Shard (Uncommon).
    – Blue Ancient Relic Shard (Rare).
    – Collect Green and Blue Shards to craft your Blue Ancient Relic.
  4. Purple Ancient Relics require Purple Relic Shards. They can be obtained from Ultimate Ancient Relic Shards which are drops from Revenant and new Eclage MVPs. This may be quite difficult for F2P players to obtain, so best to aim for the easier Blue Ancient Relics.
  5. Craft your Ancient Relic once you have the required Ancient Relic Shards by speaking to the Ancient Relics NPC (Combine Ancient Relics Option)t.
  6. Your Ancient Relic Bag holds all your Ancient Relics and Shards (See Above). This includes those Green Ancient Relics you’ll get from appraising those Unknown Shards you just bought (go ahead and equip it).
  7. The new Accessory expansion slot holds your equipped Ancient Relics.
  8. Green Ancient Relics cannot be upgraded. You’ll have to wait until you craft your first Blue one.

The next step is Remolding (upgrading your Ancient Relic).

Need More Purple Dust?

Svartalf Normal Dust (Purple Dust) can also be purchased from the Magic Box which can be unlocked as part of the Cloudsea Archipelago Comodo Housing System.

Once unlocked you’ll be able to purchase 12 weekly for a total of 1,200 Cloud Stone.