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How to earn Friendship Proof. How is it calculated. Why it’s so important. We’re going to look at 3 methods to help you quickly earn the maximum 100 FP daily limit.

You’re going to need a heap of Friendship Proof. Why? Friendship Proof can be traded for Mora Coins (10 FP = 1 Mora Coin). Mora Coins are required for equipment enchantment. Getting the desired enchantment rolls will take a lot of attempts. Hence you will want to be consistently earning as much Friendship Proof as you can (consider adding it to your routine).

How Much Can You Earn

Yes, there is a limit on how much Friendship Proof you can earn:

  • Daily Limit: 100 Friendship Proof
  • Weekly Limit: 500 Friendship Proof

Max Your Daily Friendship Proof

There are 3 daily activities you can complete to help you reach that 100x Friendship Proof Daily Limit. Let’s look at each one and how much you can earn.

Many of the below tasks require you to have friends in your party. This means you and your party members need to add each other to qualify.

1. Board Quests

ragnarok mobile mission board quest

Completing Mission Board Quests will earn you Friendship Proof. It is important to ensure that you and your friends are on the same map when Board Quests are completed. If you are joining a BQ Party from a world chat request you may notice that many of these are completed in Izlude, make sure you’re in the right place.

Not all Board Quest Missions reward Friendship Proof. So which ones provide rewards? Look for the ones that require you to kill monsters (Eg Collect 20 items, Kill 25 monsters). You will earn 3 FP whenever you or your friended party members complete these missions.

2. Time Rift

ragnarok mobile time rift locations

Completing any Time Rift will reward Friendship Proof. This includes the Space Time Rift. Each completed Rift will earn you 5 Friendship Proof. This means you can earn a maximum of 25 Friendship Proof from completing your 5x Daily Rifts.

  • You must ensure that you have at least one friended party member.
  • Additional friended party members will not earn you extra friendship proof.

3. Training Ground

ragnarok mobile training ground desk

Completing the daily training ground can net you a maximum of 25 Friendship Proof. 5 FP for completing Training Ground yourself and an additional 5 FP for each friended party member that does the same.

To earn the maximum reward using “Training Ground Monster Report” each member of the party needs to use their own ticket.


With a full friended party, just completing the Time Rift (25 FP) and Training Ground (25 FP) tasks will get you half way. The remaining 50 FP can be earned from Board Quests.

If all members complete 4 BQ, it would equate to 60 FP, more than enough to reach the daily 100 FP Limit. Also remember you can only earn 500 a week. Therefore if you didn’t max out during your earlier days of the week you can still make up for the difference.

Bonus: Endless Tower

Completing Endless Tower Floors with a friended party member will also earn you Friendship Points. However, not all floors reward FP. Floors with Minis award 2 FP and floors with MVPs award 5 FP. Clearing all floors up to 90 will award a total of 81 FP.