Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7 Dragon City Luoyang is set to arrive in both SEA and Global servers. Highlights include the new town Dragon City Luoyang, 4th Job Transcendence and Off-hand synthesis.

Global Release Date – 22 June 2020
SEA Release Date – 30 June 2020

See Episode 7 Part 2 Update Notes

Update Notes

  1. New major town Luoyang.
  2. New areas to farm Sunset Beach, Whitebait Lake and Moonlight Grotto
  3. New Quest Line “Anecdote”
  4. Singra Master Box “Luoyang” region is available
  5. 4th Job Transcendence (Origin Job Advance)
  6. Origin Skill System
  7. New Resource Time Quicksand (Hourglass)
  8. Max Base Level 160
  9. New Consumable item for Begetter class “Ymir Stone”
  10. New Gameplay – Wasteland (Wasteland Elite Mobs Map)
  11. Wasteland Mini Games (Monster Quiz Cheatsheet)
  12. New Feature – Yggdrasil Spirit
  13. New Dungeon – Echoing Corridor
  14. New BCC Items
  15. Kafra Adventure Log for EP7.0
  16. Music Elf – Ariel
  17. New Assistant – Aluna (Voucher available at Prontera Mitt Store)

Along with this new content there’s also a bunch of bug fixes and optimisations.