Ragnarok Mobile Comodo Update (Isle of Dreams) adds the new Gunslinger class to the game along with Ancient Gear Equipment, combat time sharing and more.

Details based off Official Global Path Notes post


There’s a bunch of changes but here’s a list of the notable ones (complete patch notes below):

  1. New Version Event – Isle of Dreams
  2. New Map – Comodo
  3. New Job Class – Gunslinger
  4. New Weekly Dungeon – Ponape Museum Island (Ancient Equip farming)
  5. New Equipment – Ancient Equip
  6. Account Data Sharing – Zeny, BCC, Combat Time will now be shared across all characters
  7. Cloudsea Archipelago (Comodo Housing System)

New Version Event – Isle of Dreams

  1. Isle of Dreams themed events are commencing on August 23rd
  2. From August 23rd, post-maintenance – October 3rd, 0500 HRS, click on the game interface New Events – Journey of Dreams to enter the main event interface, where adventurers can obtain information about the event time and location.
  3. From August 23rd, post-maintenance – January 31st, 0500 HRS, click on the game interface New Events – Dream Party to enter the event sign-in interface. Dream Party consists of 30 grids corresponding to 30-day sign-in. After logging in daily, adventurers can get rewards such as limited costumes after completing the check-in.
  4. From August 23rd, post-maintenance – September 20th, 0500 HRS, adventurers with a Base Level of 12 and above can receive the Croaking Knight series of quests through the Gashapon Machine – Lucky E in Comodo. Completing one quest will award the character with Knight’s Gift x1 each, and completing the first day quest will award the character with an additional limited event item, Picture Book: Spashire’s Crystal Slippers x1, as well as and an additional gift of Big Cat Voucher·Feast x1 and Dream Sticker – Croaking Knight on the 5th event daily quest.
  5. From September 3rd – September 27th, every Friday – Sunday from 1900 – 2100 HRS, a grand firework show will be held in Comodo. During the fireworks show, a limited shop will appear by the Comodo beach (between 1849 – 2030 HRS). At the same time, every Friday 0500 to Sunday 2359, adventurers with a Base Level of 12 and above can receive event quests on Comodo, Event quests must to be completed before 2359 HRS on the corresponding Sundays. Every time you complete a quest, you will get the Comodo Fireworks Gift Box x1.
  6. After the fireworks show is over, mysterious items will appear on the beach for a short time (time of appearance: 2030 HRS – following day 0500 HRS). After picking them up, use them to obtain Tao Gunka Branches (only usable at Home). After killing the monster, you can get the Comodo Mysterious Gift Box x1.

Holy Ground War Season 3

  1. Tournament Period
    a. The tournament will be held between September 6th – September 12th, lasting 1 week.
  2. Participation Rules
    a. [Tournament Mode] added to [Arena] – [Holy Ground War] tab.
    b. Recruitment period is Monday 0500 HRS to Friday 2359 HRS, adventurers are required to create or join a tournament team of 12 and pressed confirm before the team leader may register as team as the competing team.
    c. The search function is added to team invitation interface, you can now quickly search the corresponding characters displayed in your friends and guild lists by entering the character ID and character name
    d. Registration period is from Friday 0500 HRS to Friday 2359 HRS. Registered teams will be ranked according to their combined points from each team members’ 6V6 performance from last season. The top 64 teams are eligible to participate in the Tournament.
    e. After the registration time is over, the matchup will be confirmed according to the 6v6 combined individual points of the participating teams. The matching rules are as follows:
    * Sorted by 6v6 points, the top 1/4 are considered seed teams (for example, if there are 32 teams, 8 teams will be selected as seed)
    * Among the seed teams, the top 4 and bottom 4 will be randomly placed in the left and right halves of different groups.
    * The remaining teams are randomly matched.
    * In the final round (8 teams), all teams are randomly matched.
  3. Tournament Rules
    a. The first round will start at 2000HRS GMT+7 on Saturday. From 1945HRS – 2000HRS, 15 mins before the match start, the team leader must click [Start Matching] to confirm participation. The team that does not [Start Matching] within this period will forfeit. 
    b. Matching cannot occur when there are team members who are not on the registered team list, when there are offline members in the team, or when there are less than 7 people in the team.
    c. The Tournament follows a single-elimination match system. Of the 32 teams, a champion will be determined after 5 rounds of matches. The final round’s losing team will be considered the runner-up, while teams who lost in the penultimate round will be tied for third place.
    d. Refinement +15, Aesir monument, guild prayer, and other similar bonuses will be disabled in Tournament mode. Details can be viewed in-game.
  4. Rewards
    a. Post Tournament, the top 16 teams can obtain new special skill effects. After using the corresponding items, they can be accessed in the transformation interface.
    b. Tournament Ranking Rewards:
    * Ancient Dust: Can be used to exchange blue Relic Shards, after a certain amount is collected, they can be exchanged for Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard
    * Champion: Ultimate Ancient Relic Shard x1
    * Runner-Up: Ancient Dust x500
    * 3rd – 4th place: Ancient Dust x200
    * 5th – 8th place: Ancient Dust x100
    * 9th -16th place: Ancient Dust x50
    * 17th – 32nd place: Honor Proof x5000
    d. Special skill effects rewards in the Tournament Mode:
    * Clearance, Finger Offensive, Knuckle Boost, Crazy Weed, Death Binding, Sacrifice, White Barrier, Chronology Bolt, Poisonous Smoke, Deadly Infection, Stars Guardian, Mr. Gold Is Rich, Over Thrust, Summoning – Ogare, Meow Meow

Time Wish Machine

  1. Time Wish Machine Content Update
    * For a limited time only, from Sep 10th, 0500 HRS – Dec 10th, 0500 HRS, Time Wish Machine will appear beside the Card Gashapon
    * Make a Wish to draw rewards like headwear and costumes that have yet to be unlocked!
  2. Drawing Rules
    a) Headwears and costumes that have yet to be unlocked in the Adventure Handbook (as well as Reunion Proofs) can be drawn in the Time Wish Machine (Check the machine for a full list).
    * After acquiring any of the headwear/costume from the list, the specific headwear/costume will no longer be drawn from the Time Wish Machine. Please check the Time Wish Machine for more details.
    * All items in Time Wish Machine can be bought with Reunion Proof
    b) In the Time Wish Machine, headwear and costumes will be divided into multiple groups according to their quality. After obtaining all items in any group, the probability of obtaining Reunion Proof increases
    c) Time WIsh Machine will continue to update its headwear and costume selections, please be patient!

New Map – Comodo

  1. New city Comodo and wilderness map Kokomo Beach
    * A brand-new storyline Fantasy Glow is now available. Adventurers with Base Level 150 and above can accept the quest Holiday on Comodo in Prontera
    * The route toward Comodo is now open, adventurers can access the Kokomo Beach through Pharos, and then arrive at Comodo.
  2. Added new MVP to wilderness map, Tao Gunka and Kraken, defeat them to have a higher chance of obtaining rewards such as cards and headwear.

New Job Class – Gunslinger

  1. Gunslinger-type job classes opened
    * When creating a character, Gunslingers can be chosen as the initial character.
    * Novices who reached Base Level 80 and above can receive the job advancement quest in Prontera, while other adventurers with Base Level 80 and above may change their job using the multiclass system.
  2. Gunslingers can have the three following job advancements:
    * Advanced Second Job: Gunslinger
    * Third Job: Rebel
    * Fourth Job: Tyrant
  3. Gunslingers can only equip their exclusive weapons
    * Weapon types: Pistols, Rifles
  4. Added Motorbike series mounts to the Mount Shop
    * Adventurers who had completed the 3rd job advancement may head to the Mount Shop to purchase
    * Dorams are temporarily unable to ride Motorbike, the Kafra Corps is in the process of fixing that…

New Dungeon – Ponape Museum Island

  1. 6-Players Dungeon in Comodo, Ponape Museum Island, is open
    * Adventurers with Base Level 120 and above may go to Captain Haki at the south port of Comodo to head to the dungeon Ponape Museum Island.
  2. Various treasures are hidden in Ponape Museum Island, requiring adventurers to complete the adventure and break through obstacles to obtain.
    * Adventurers must pass through the 5 main scenic spots of Fossil Square, Museum Beach, Chess Knight Statue Group, Battlefield Ruins and Warrior Legion Statue Group.
    * Defeat a total of 3 MVPs and mutated monsters to figure out the origin of the Museum Island’s mutation crisis.
  3. Ponape Museum Island will reset every week, and its progress will be consistent with the team leader’s progress.
    * The dungeon will reset at 0500 HRS every Monday.
    * The progress will be saved every time a scenario is cleared by an adventurer.
    * If reentering the dungeon in the same week, the team leader’s progress will be loaded, and cleared content will not be refreshed.
    * If an adventurer skipped an intermediary step under special circumstances and completed the subsequent step first, the skipped step will not be refreshed even if they reenter the dungeon as the captain.
    * If you want to get the skipped reward, you can join another team of adventurers as a team member who still have to complete the skipped step.
  4. Venturing into the Ponape Museum Island could reward you with many treasures and collectibles, but there will be a weekly limit.
    * There are 3 powerful MVP monsters in the dungeon that will reward you once you defeat them. Each MVP will only drop their reward once per week per account, and will reset at 0500 HRS each Monday.
    * After defeating the MVP monsters and obtaining their rewards, you can use Fortune Coins to obtain additional rewards. Each MVP will only drop their additional reward once per week per account, and will reset at 0500 HRS each Monday.
    * After defeating the MVP monsters, aside from zeny, you may also have a chance to obtain the following rewards:
    * Military Exploit Chest – Off-hand: Use to obtain a random piece of ancient off-hand gear
    * Military Exploit Chest – Armor: Use to obtain a random piece of ancient armor gear
    * Warrior Military Chest – Offhand: Use it to pick one of the follow three superior pieces of ancient off-hand gear as your reward.
    * Warrior Military Chest – Armor: Use it to pick one of the follow three superior suits of ancient Armor gear as your reward.
    * Prehistoric Brand – Hero: Can be redeemed for superior ancient gear.
    * Hearth Ash: Can be used to increase slots and repair ancient equipment

New Equipment – Ancient Gear

  1. New series of items added to the Offhand and Armor
    * Includes 2 qualities: Ancient Armor and Superior Ancient Gear
    * Ancient Armor contains Fixed Attributes
    *  Superior Ancient Gear contains Fixed Attributes and Random Attributes
    * Random Attributes can be checked out in Adventure Handbook – Adventure Tab
    * There are differences to the probablility of acquisition to each Random Attribute entry. Only the largest attribute value that can be randomly obtained will be displayed
    * Ancient Equipment can be obtained through crafting or redeemed through Prehistoric Brand.
  2. Ancient Armor
    * Crafting through Comodo’s NPC Bactrosaurus will not yield any Random Attributes
    * Crafting will require materials from Isle of Dreams
    * Equipment will not be decomposable through Pyrolysing Stove.
  3. Superior Ancient Gear
    * Gods Treasury, located in Comodo, can be used to obtain Superior Ancient Gear via spending Prehistoric Brand – Hero. The pieces of equipment will come with one Random Attribute, and Prehistoric Brand – Hero can be obtained through Ponape Museum Island.
    * Equipment with Random Attribute will have additional Random Attribute entries and randomized attribute value that cannot be changed after generated.
    * Random Attribute on equipment will match the characteristics of the equipment
  4. Ancient Equipment Upgrade
    * Go to Comodo and look for Casting Master, Hollgrelenn to begin the process
    * Elunium and Enriched Elunium will be consumed to refine Ancient Equipment
    * Hearth Ash will be consumed to slot and repair Ancient Equipment
    – Hearth Ash can be obtained in Ponape Museum Island
    – Hearth Ash can be obtained through merging from current map materials in Gods Treasury
    – The item ratio requirement among items of different quality is different
  5. Ancient Gear Carryover
    * Go to Comodo and look for Casting Master, Hollgrelenn to begin the process
    * Ancient Equipment levels of the same body parts can be inherited
    * Ancient Equipment can inherit enchant attributes from other Ancient Equipment or equipment in the same body part
    * Higher-quality Ancient Equipment will have more attribute entries, which will be available in the future.
  6. Events Furnace Smelt and Refine – Furnace Smelt will be open at Comodo for a limited time at Gods Treasury
    a) The event will last until 1 November 2021, 0500 HRS
    b) Refinement +15 offhands and armors can be used to redeem Ancient Gear +15 Refine Vouchers and Extract Light Crystals through Refine – Furnace Smelt.
    c) Refinement +11 to +14 offhands and armors can be used to redeem Ancient Equipment +10 Refine Voucher and Extract Light Crystals through Furnace Smelt.
    d) Refine – Furnace Smelt has a limit of 5 times per body part, while Furnace Smelt has a limit of 1 time per body part
    e) The value of equipment will affect the redeemed items through Furnace Smelt, specifically:
    * Tier 1 Equipment: Heilion Bracelet, Vinkt Magic Bracelet, Ninja Clothes·Cold Night Song, Shinewhole’s Robe, Watcher’s Armor, Gods’ Blessings
    * Tier 2 Equipment: Creeper Agreement, Arcane Codex, Holy Mother’s Radiance, Golden Wrist, Skeleton Bracer, Venom Fang Gloves, Dark Star Stealth Clothes, Tyre’s Armor, Bright Armor, Dawn Clothes, Lazy Meow Coat
    * Tier 3 Equipment: Giant Armor Shield, Peak Platter, Improved Arm Armor, Greed Shirt
    * Tier 4 Equipment: Giant Wing Shield, Meteorite Buckler, Nirvana Shield, Divine Eye, Dragon Flame Shield, Rosa Chain, Perseverance Armor, Glorious Praise, The Chosen’s Armor, The Chosen’s Gown, Star Shatter’s Gown, Tyrannical Armor, Blanking Coat, Breath Holder’s Armor, Floating Cloud Clothes, Moon Gown, Comet Warfare Armor, Madman’s Jacket
    * Tier 5 Equipment: Contract Jewelery, Magic Abyss, Magic Light Cocoon
    f) Redeemed items correspending to equipment categorization in Furnace Smelt is as follows:
    * Tier 1 +15:Correspondent body part +15 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x200
    * Tier 1 +14:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x120
    * Tier 1 +13:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x90
    * Tier 1 +12:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x75
    * Tier 1 +11:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x30
    * Tier 2 +15:Correspondent body part +15 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x120
    * Tier 2 +14:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x90
    * Tier 2 +13:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x75
    * Tier 2 +12:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x54
    * Tier 2 +11:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x20
    * Tier 3 +15:Correspondent body part +15 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x60
    * Tier 3 +14:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x60
    * Tier 3 +13:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x45
    * Tier 3 +12:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x36
    * Tier 3 +11:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x15
    * Tier 4 +15:Correspondent body part +15 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher
    * Tier 4 +14:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x24
    * Tier 4 +13:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x18
    * Tier 4 +12:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x15
    * Tier 4 +11:Correspondent body part +10 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, Extract Light Crystal x6
    * Tier 5 +15:Correspondent body part +15 Ancient Gear Refinement Voucher, need to spend Zeny x36,000,000
    * Tier 5 +11 to +14 equipment cannot undergo the Furnace Smelt process

New Growth System – Cloudsea Archipelago

  1. New exploration and growth system Cloudsea Archipelago is now open
    * Added new maps Dream City, Sweet Dream Field, and Frosting Valley
    * Opened access to the area Book Fantasy Land. After concluding the Comodo storyline at Dream City, the quest Book Fantasy Land will be automatically received.
    * After concluding the Book Fantasy Land quest, the quest Meeting in the Clouds will be automatically received, which will continue to the subsequent quest Journey to Cloudsea Archipelago
    * Enter Cloudsea Archipelago through the portal on top of Dream City or the Magic book below Comodo.
    * Cloudsea Archipelago is a solo map, completing the Meeting in the Clouds quest to unlock adventuring quest Cloud Stroll – Use to travel to Cloudsea Archipelago immediately
  2. Open access to Cloudsea Archipelago partner collection
    * Adventurers will have a chance to meet the inhabitants in this book. After completing quests given to you, you will be able to recruit these inhabitants as your partners.
    * There are bonds between some of your partners. Completing the partner quests will activate the bonds and get exclusive attribute bonuses from the Isle of Dreams region.
    * There will be a limit of how many bond quests you can take at one time, so please prioritize completing your current ones.
    * Every partner will have their affinity to you. You can increase affinity through sending gifts, obtaining additional gifts at certain stages of affinity.
    * Partners’ affinity gift can be unlocked by dispatching partners with corresponding equipment. Once unlocked, you can purchase unlimited materials from partner Foxie’s building.
    * You can check partners’ information in the Manor manual in the upper right corner of the main interface of the Cloudsea Archipelago map, and you may be able to get tips about recruiting the residents too.
  3. Cloudsea Archipelago Building upgrade now open
    * After unlocking partners, access to corresponding buildings will be open. You can donate materials to upgrade buildings, which will in turn grant you different buffs.
    * Each building will have different functions, for example: increasing attribute in the wild, dispatching partners, selling collectibles, collecting area material, etc.
    * The building effect bonus can be viewed in the Manor manual in the upper right corner of the main interface of the Cloudsea Archipelago map. Please restore the glory of the Cloudsea Archipelago.
  4. At the Dream Tune building, Dream Come True can be consumed to draw Cloudsea Archipelago exclusive rewards
    * Dream Come True can be obtained by raising partners’ affinity
    * Rewards include all sorts of headwear, furniture, the Star Cup Knight costume, and the mount Giant Gastronis, all waiting for the adventurers’ arrival.
  5. Detailed functions can be viewed in the Manor manual in the upper right corner of the main interface of the Cloudsea Archipelago map, as well as each building interface’s Help function.

Account Data Sharing – Basic Currencies, Combat Time

  1. Basic Currency Sharing
    * All characters under the same account will have their zeny and BCC merged into account currencies. All zeny and BCC that characters earn and use will be from the shared currency
    * All Big Cat Credit Card items will be moved from Bag to Coin Purse. The Reward Points display will be replaced with Big Cat Credit Card
    * Big Cat Credit Card points record will be merged, and the recent 50 transactions will be kept.
    * Big Cat Credit Card’s reward limit, freeze limit and debt limit will be merged
  2. Combat Time Sharing
    * Combat Time mechanism is changed to Account Combat Time, and all characters under the same account share Combat Time
    * Account Combat Time is not affected by the number of characters, but the characters’ levels.
    * If any character in an account is Base Level 160 or higher, their daily Combat Time will be 450 minutes, and accumulated Combat Time will be limited at 1350 minutes max.
    * If all characters in an account is lower than Base Level 160, their daily Combat Time will be 300 minutes, and accumulated Combat Time will be limited at 900 minutes max.
    * Daily Music charging of Combat Time will be set at 90 minutes while the actual music listening time to remain at 30 minutes. In other words, for every 1 minute of music, you will charge 3 minutes of Combat Time.
    * Yellow exhaustion time will be changed from 90 minutes to 150 minutes per account.
    * Mentor Potion is adjusted to be account-limited, with daily usage limited to 6 times.
  3. Monthly Premium Card purchase limit cancelled
  4. After the maintenance, only the Combat Time of that day (after 0500 HRS) will be retained, which means there will only be a maximum of 450 minutes of Combat Time between 3 characters.

New Content

1. Added new capturable pets in Comodo: Fur Seal and Nigel Bird
2. New fusion pets: Flute Player, Siroma, and Drake
3. Added new Pet Adventure Comodo map
4. Added 2 new Revenant MVP: Orc Lord and Dark Lord
5. Added Orc Lord★Card and Dark Lord ★ Card at King Poring.
6. Added Limunus Card, Gem Spirit Card, Seed of Yggdrasil Card, and Soul Player Card at Combined Fate
7. Added Normal Monster cards at Card Gachapon V2.0
8. Adjusted Mysterious Box V2.0 to Dreamy Mysterious Chest in Adventurer Coin Shop.


  1. Open up the new version of Adventure Handbook
    * Open up Isle of Dreams Adventure Book and complete it before November 11th, 2021, 0500 HRS.
    * Adventurers can obtain experience through daily assistant quests to level up the Adventure Book and to unlock rewards
    * Adventure Book will have common rewards, advanced rewards, and premium rewards, and adventurers will be able to level up the adventure book in the assistant menu or the recharge interface
  2. Limited Premium Renewal
    * Added Dreamy Premium Card. Adventurers can purchase the premium card 3 times at the discounted rate of 7.99 USD before reverting to 10.99 USD.
    * Use to obtain limited tail headwear Poring Wishing God x1, Eden Coin x1000, Cloud Stone x1000, Dreamy Mysterious Chest x10, Dreamy Chest x1, Greed Chest – Fantasy x1.
  3. Store Refresh
    * Time Observer Box added to BCC Store for 6 BCC. The weekly purchase limit is 20, and the content is as below:
    – A choice between Wasteland Material Gift Pack x1 and Blooming Land Material Gift Pack x1
    – Use Wasteland Material Gift Pack to obtain Maple Colored Agate x6, Dust in Wilderness x80, Ancient Remains x1000
    – Use Blooming Land Material Gift Pack to obtain Morning Dew x12, Condensation of Meteor x160, and Rumors of the Breeze x1500
    * Time Observer Box added to Event Merchant at a price of 500,000 zeny with a weekly account purchase limit of 5.
    * Furniture Store Nine Worlds Rough Stone and Plateau Wood weekly purchase limit canceled.

Content Optimization

  1. High-quality video resources function disabled
    * In order to ensure the smoothness of the adventurer’s quests, the download function of high-quality video resources has been disabled, and the quality of the original standard video has been improved.
    * Devices with non-ideal performance will not be able to play these videos. We deeply apologize for that.
  2. Disabling the Free Pickup mode in team pickup modes
  3. Fantasy Generator I has added the function of Recycle Headwear. Any headwear produced by Fantasy Generator I can be recycled into Big Cat Voucher I using this function.
  4. Added refining probability display that can be seen in the refining Help interface.
  5. Optimized the Colored Contacts Shop and Barber Shop
    * Colored Contacts Shop and Barber Shop will merge into Colored Contacts and Barber Shop
    * Human characters’ irises will now only need to unlock the patterns, not colors. Patterns with unlocked colors will now unlock all the colors of the same pattern.
    * Colored Contacts Voucher will no longer sell Night’s Fantasy, Alice, Golden Afternoon, and Dream Sky series giftboxes that came with a color suffix
    * Colored Contacts Voucher will now sell Night’s Fantasy, Alice, Golden Afternoon, and Dream Sky pattern unlock gift boxes.
    * Adventurers who already have the color-suffix variant of Night’s Fantasy, Alice, Golden Afternoon, and Dream Sky gift boxes will unlock all colors of the respective pattern when used.
    * Changing hair colors will no longer consume dyestuff
  6. UI Optimization
    * Adjusted Item Details, Refine, Instant Refine, and Enchant Fusion interfaces
    * Removed the Material button and retained the Formula button in the Enchant Fusion interface
  7. Adventurers with Base Level lower than 80 will obtain 3 times Base Levels reward when completing the Monster Laboratory EXP mode in order to help job advancement.
  8. Singra Master Box quests will be added to Assistant notifications
  9. This update will address the issue that 2.5D angle not being available for some Guild Battle maps. After the fix, the Guild Battle can now use these following angles: Locked Angle and 2.5D Angle.
  10. Changed Kobold Leader Card’s effect description from “Melee single target skill has 5% lifesteal” to “Target locking Phy. DMG skills have a HP Regen. effect of 5% of the damage caused”.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where after using Taboo Fuse, Health Link in the auto-skill bar will be used repeatedly
  2. Fixed an issue where Slayers will not hit their target while using AoE skills right after moving when Hiding.
  3. Fixed an issue where using Eden Team Blessing followed by All-round Liberation will still incur damage.
  4. Fixed an issue where using All-round Attack while under the Fog Cutting status will cause the caster to come out of the Hidden state.
  5. Fixed the description of Pet Labor in Item Shop where it still mentioned Lightning Chain.
  6. Fixed an issue where Alloy Potions series items doesn’t lapse when the adventurer is offline.
  7. Fixed the issue where after choosing to not play the animated video in Poring Millionaire, the animation still plays after relogging in.
  8. Fixed an issue where Dorams do not have the free angle, Advanced Composition, Wide Angle, Close-up Shot, and Poring Selfie Stick unlocked by default.
  9. Fixed the issue where Lightbringers’ attack speed will display irregularly after wearing costumes.
  10. Fixed an issue where the teleport selection menu will jump to the default interface if the leader was following a team member cross a map while choosing a teleport location
  11. Fixed an issue where the back headwear Evernight Flowing Light’s method of acquisition is missing.
  12. Fixed an issue where the map displays a wrong location for harvesting while doing the Birthplace of God quest.
  13. Fixed an issue where crafting a headwear while in Battle of Kafra map will not trigger the headwear to be unlocked.
  14. Fixed an issue with Palace of Beauty’s buff Firm and persistent’s description.
  15. Fixed an issue where learning the adventuring skill Leaflet Album I will cause deposit spaces to become abnormal
  16. Fixed an issue with 6V6 Team Arena Practice mode where players cannot be revived after being defeated.
  17. Fixed an issue where D-ranked adventurers’ quest description is wrong.
  18. Fixed an issue where Little Saviors have a chance to use Ryuujinmaru and mount at the same time
  19. Fixed an issue with the skill Ninjutsu – All-round Attack being unable to trigger Spell Crit effect.
  20. Fixed an issue where targetted AoE skills are unable to benefit from Kobold Leader Card’s buff, for example Knights’ 4th job skill Magic Dragon Breath
  21. Fixed an issue where Ninjas’ skill Shadow Leap is still immune to ranged effects and AoE skills after being hit by Sage’s skill Remove Buff.
  22. Fixed an issue where item cooldown time did not work after using Dreamland Shuttling.
  23. Fixed an issue where some monsters in Sunset Beach are unable to be defeated
  24. Fixed an issue where Brooke’s skill Holy Light Judge is missing skill description.
  25. Fixed an issue where the Hidden state was not dispelled even after the rune’s third suffix is activated in the 6V6 game while holding the ball in Secret Game Rune.
  26. Fixed an issue where there’s a small chance of spawning in the enemy’s camp after entering game in Holy Ground War.
  27. Fixed an issue where team members are not able to receive the Lord’s Aura buff after the skill is released.
  28. Fixed an issue where some of Adventure Handbook’s quests are not receiveable/completeable, such as Divine Visitor and Birthplace of God.
  29. Fixed an issue where the Flame of Misfortune headwear is unable to be refined or repaired.
  30. Fixed an issue where Earth Field will be dispelled when The Pioneer lands. After the fix, The Pioneer skill can be cast while in Earth Field.