Grab the 200k Mora Precious Chest in Genshin Impact. It’s located in the Liyue Northland Bank. Here’s how to get your hands on it.

Find The Jewelry Shop in Liyue

  1. First head to the Liyue Jewelry Shop (See Above).
  2. There’s a set of stairs to the left of the shopfront.
  3. Go up the stairs and continue through the pathway on the right (See Above)

Up The Stairs

Now head up the stairs to your right. The entrance to the Northland Bank is at the top.

The 200k Chest

To the right of the bank teller is stairs that will lead you to the second floor. There you will find the Precious Chest containing 200k Mora.

Bank Exchange

While you’re here speak to the teller. You may have items you can exchange for more Mora.