Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7.5 adds the new Moon Lake map, 12v12 Holy Ground War mode and Full Angle Vision tot he game.


There’s only a few additions this update. Let’s take a look.

  1. New Map – Moon Lake
  2. Server Grand Event – Rainbow Fall
  3. 12v12 PvP Mode – Holy Ground War
  4. Full Angle Vision unlocked
  5. Echoing Corridor made easier


November 26th (05:00) to December 3rd (05:00)

Receive first time every day board quest completion rewards:

  • [Glittering Rune Stone – Star] x1
  • [Valkyrie Growth Gift Box] x2
  • [Pet Adventure Coupon] x2

Moon Lake

Available at Base Lv. 105

Moon Lake, Odin Palace and Palace Main Hall are new maps with no additional monsters/farming locations.

Additional story quests however are available.

How to Get to Moon Lake

12v12 PvP Holy Ground War

PvP game mode where two teams of 12 will battle to destroy eachothers crystal.

Think moba (Dota, LoL) with towers and a main objective to destroy. Both casual and “ranked” seasonal modes will be available.

To make gameplay more fair players will have max refine gear, adventure handbook bonus stats, Aeisr Monument and Guild Blessings.

3D Visual Angle

Thee new view settings can now be found in the game settings options:

  1. Locked – Traditional locked view.
  2. 2.5D – Same horizontal pivot we had before.
  3. 3D – Allows for both horizontal and vertical pivot.

Game Optimizations

  1. Oracle Mirror
    – Synthesized Weapons can be used as material.
    – Extracted stats cannot be activated for weapons that you have currently equipped.
    – Can activate attributes in non-main city areas.
  2. Team Competition.
  3. Echoing Corridor.
    – 2x Machine Room Gold Coin Drop.
    – Osteoacusis Chip and Broaden Horizons cost increased to 50 gold coins.
    – Reduced initial Gold Coin obtained from 31st, 41st and 51st floors.
    – Reduced HP of MVP and Minis.
    – Confinement Domain effect changed from unable to perform Magic Restore to reduced percentage of Magic Restore.
    – Reduced monsters’ spawn range in monster room to avoid the situation where players are defeated when switching scenes.
    – No longer need to challenge the highest 10 levels in the clearance record to win weekly rewards. Captain can instead select any 10 levels less than the highest record.
  4. Rune System Optimization.
    – Added Rune Smelting to Rune Box.
    – Skill and Attribute storage increased from 300 to 400.
  5. Wasteland Land Optimization.
    – Added Tips.
    – Lucky Bag, Dream Chopping Blades and Conjury Power Potions can be used in batches.
  6. Job Skill Adjustments.
    * When the Bard and Dancer are in an ensemble, they can no longer use [Bragi’s Faith] and [Smile of Eden];
    * [Star Arrows]’ Dmg calculation is adjusted to be affected by the damage bonus of [Shrimp Pond], and the Dmg Reduc. of [Shrimp Pond], [Killing Puppet Rune] and [Smile of Eden];
    *[Knell] is no longer immune to all controls and debuffs;
    *[Enchant Deadly Poison]’s duration is adjusted from 40 seconds to 120 seconds, and the cooldown time is adjusted from 40 seconds to 20 seconds;
    *When [Imperishable Dragon] and [Knell] are triggered, the boll ball-holding status in Team Competitions will be lost;
    *[Cart Tornado]’s cooldown time has been changed from 2 to 3.5, delay has been changed from 2 to 1.5.
  7. Skill Damage Display Optimizations.
  8. Phen Guitar can be transformed into weapon skin.