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Boss Materials are drops you receive from MVP and Mini-MVP monsters in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. They are used for gear tier upgrades, adventure class progression and gold badges via guild contributions (Required to unlock key guild runes). Whilst these items aren’t as expensive as Cards, you’ll be consistently purchasing them and thus will account for a significant portion of where you spend your zeny. So how much should you pay for these mats? To help you decide we’ve looked at Global vs SEA prices and provided our insight on how you should manage your purchase of these materials.

The Price Table

If you’ve read the article on cards or taming items then you probably get the idea. But if you haven’t here’s the general gist of how the table works:

  • % Predicted Change is based on Global vs SEA exchange prices
  • SEA server is roughly 4 months ahead of Global. Therefore we have used its exchange prices as a predictor for where price direction of items are heading in Global.

Important! Boss materials have shown to be quite volatile. Where throughout the early stages of Ragnarok Mobile cards and taming items have shown a more predictable steady one direction (downward) trend, Boss material prices have rapidly swung in both directions (up/down). This is possibly due to the following factors:

  • Double Guild Donation Event – Essentially doubling material prices overnight
  • Double Endless Tower Rewards Event – Reducing material prices by 20-30%
  • Players attempting Adventure Rank D Upgrade – Greatly affects Raccoon Leaf prices, increase when player base are all attempting the upgrade and decreasing once player base have passed the quest
  • Adventure Rank D – Same as above but with regards to Fabric and Four Leaf Clover
  • Advanced Enchant Unlock – Same as above but with regards to Light Granule, Star Crumb and Parts
  • Earlier materials eg Fabric, Orc Claw start off expensive however decline once player base have completed their earlier equipment tier upgrades.
  • Late game materials eg Crystal Mirror become more in demand once players start making use of higher tier equipment

Predicted % Change
Bloody Rune270,14378,945-71%
Crystal Mirror339,666190,352-44%
Four Leaf Clover399,942255,461-36%
Heroic Emblem90,99282,585-9%
Light Granule200,358159,260-21%
Orc Claw208,74796,874-54%
Raccoon Leaf799,133169,022-79%
Star Crumb320,754142,438-56%
Soft Feather199,897100,486-50%

Here’s what we think

First off i’d probably stop and think before rushing off to stock up on Antennas … I’ve seen it comfortably hover between 120-150k in SEA

As you can see in terms of boss materials Global prices appear to be quite inflated compared to SEA. This is likely due to a lack of supply. Why? Well, Global is still in its early stages and the general player base has yet to conquer Endless Tower. Once players can easily clear the higher ET floors more materials will flood the exchange which will place pressure on prices to dip downward.

So should I wait?

Nope. Here’s why. Let’s just look at guild donations. From my experience donating materials costing around 150k is pretty sustainable. When it comes to unlocking guild runes, donation consistency is the key. You won’t be able to get a whole bunch of gold badges through donations in one go. Therefore the best thing to donate every day and at the same cost per gold badge. Essentially you want to make the most how many badges you get for your zeny. Where you come across cheap boss mats eg. Heroic Emblem, Bloody Runes for 80k, simply make that additional 2x donation for that extra gold badge. As you progress in Global, more and more materials will fall within that 100-150k range therefore increasing the times you’ll be able to make your donation. Don’t rush things, acquiring gold badges isn’t a sprint, take it slow and steady.

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