Here are some of the best Zomboid Mods you can use to add content to your favourite zombie survival game.

Note: Some of these mods require prerequisite mods. Make sure you download them too.

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Quality of Life Mods

Weapon Condition Indicator
Better Sorting
Has Been Read

Weapon Condition Indicator is a must have. It adds weapon durability condition and ammo count to your hotbar. Easily keep an eye on weapon condition and ammo status.

Better Sorting adds more item categories to your inventory. Basically this improves item sorting. Especially useful when transferring items in bulk.

Has Been Read adds an icon to books. You’ll now be able to easily tell which ones have been unread, fully read or partially read.

PZ-ClothingUI adds a graphical interface to display all your equipped clothing.

Brita’s Weapon and Armor Pack

Source: Brita’s Weapon Pack and Brita’s Armor Pack

Brita’s Weapon Pack and Brita’s Armor Pack together greatly expands the weapon and armor pool in your game. It adds a bunch of guns, ammo types, gun mods, armor and melee weapons.

This does however change the balancing of the game. So you might want to up the difficulty as the new guns make it significantly easier to dispatch large hoards of zombies.

Raven Creek

Source: Raven Creek

Raven Creek is one of the most detailed and extensive location additions available for Zomboid. It’s a city based map filled with multistory buildings with many unique building designs to explore and loot.

This mod adds the Raven Creek city to your Zomboid world, meaning you’ll have access to all the vanilla locations you’re used to.

More Vehicles (Plus Interiors)

Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars!
Autostar Tuning Atelier – Bus
Autostar Trailers
Aquastar Yacht Club
Autostar Motorclub
RV Interior

Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars, 3x Auto Star Vehicle Mods and Aquastar Yacht Club add a bunch of additional vehicles to the game, including cars, motorbikes, bus, trailers and boats.

The RV Interior mod adds interiors to several of the vehicles added by these mods. Ever wanted to live a nomad life in your zombie survival simulator? With this mod you now can.

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