Ragnarok Mobile Episode SP adds Kafra Adventure Log to the game. Complete Assistant tasks to earn EXP and level up your Kafra Adventure Log to unlock rewards and earn Brilliant Commemorative Coin.

Leveling The Log

Here’s how you can level your Kafra Adventure Log:

  1. Complete Daily and Weekly Assistant Quests (Max 1,000 EXP per week)
  2. Complete current version’s Version Challenge Quest
  3. Purchase 1 Level for 10BCC

The Rewards

There are two tiers of rewards available to players. Regular and Advanced. Each Kafra Adventure Log Level will unlock rewards under both tiers.

However to collect the Advanced rewards you will need to purchase the Advanced Adventure Log.

You’ve probably come across this model before in other mobile games. The regular rewards are ok, but the good stuff you have to pay for.

Essentially this is another premium option on top of the existing Premium Monthly Card.

Is Advanced Worth It?

The rewards will likely change as new logs become available. However here’s a quick run down on what’s likely to be available based on this first release:

Advanced Adventure Log

The Advanced Adventure Log can be purchased via the Kafra Adventure Log tab of your Assistant menu.

It has two tickets that can be purchased one after the other:

Kafra Adventure Log I

  • Can collect Advanced rewards up to Lv. 100 once unlocked
  • Increase the weekly exp limits by 20%
  • Extra Exp from Quests +10%

Kafra Adventure Log II

  • Can collect Advanced rewards up to Lv. 150 once unlocked

You will still need to level your Kafra Adventure Log before you can get your rewards. The tickets simply allow you to collect Advanced rewards up to a certain level.

Limited Time

You have a limited amount of time to unlock rewards. If you are considering making the purchase you may want to first just buy the initial Advanced Adventure Log.

This will give you bonus weekly adventure log EXP as well as premium rewards up to Lv. 100.

If you have enough time you can then purchase Kafra Adventure Log II for the rest of the premium Lv. 150 rewards.

Exchange Rewards

You will notice that the Kafra Adventure Log rewards include Brilliant Commemorative Coin. These can be spent in the Exchange Rewards tab for more goodies.

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