Drodo brings back Ogre Mage and the Kira Synergy and reduces the gold needed to buy EXP. It will now cost 4 Gold (Instead of 5 Gold) to purchase 4 EXP.


  1. Chess piece, Ogre Mage, returns
  2. Chess piece Skin changing system
  3. New chat function for audiences in Spectator Mode
  4. Novice Mode and Casual Mode (Duo) are now available in Custom Rooms
  5. Equipment will be automatically picked up when opening the bag
  6. Chat shortcuts can now be presented
  7. New events
  8. New penalty system to automatically regulate malicious actions


  1. Optimized Attack Effects (Including Ability and Basic Attack) of 8 chess pieces
  2. Optimized silhouette and texture of 2 chess pieces
  3. Optimized contents display on the loading page
  4. Less Gold is needed to buy EXP
  5. Higher probability for legendary pieces
  6. Upgraded Event interface to “Icysnow” theme
  7. Optimized novice guidance
  8. Optimized sharing function
  9. Optimized recommended lineup function


  1. Fixed chess pieces not displayed when switching chessboards.
  2. Fixed incorrect placement of gold special effect
  3. Fixed the audio of some pieces
  4. Fixed leader board avatar frame display
  5. Fixed abnormalities of spectator friend list
  6. Fixed incorrect display of chess pieces, Race and Class in friend battle records

Previous Patch – 11 Nov 19

Next Patch – 12 Jan 20