So you’ve decided to play the Archer in Ragnarok Mobile. This comprehensive ADL build guide is part of a series that will cover everything you need to know for progressing through the Archer job tree.

Congratulations on picking the Archer as your job of choice. You’re now on your way to becoming an absolute DPS beast. To help you along the way we’re going to cover stat distribution, skill choice, recommended leveling (grinding/farming) locations and gear progression.

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The Archer

The Archer is the first job in the tree that we’re going to cover. You will by far spend the least amount of time in this tier. But getting things right from the beginning will make your progression easier and faster.


As an ADL build your primary stats will be Agi, Dex and Luk. However while you’re still an Archer you will want to focus on Agi and Dex.

There are many ways you can allocate your Archer stats. However I find it best to lean more towards Dex than Agi.

A 3:2 stat distribution ratio is a good start (Eg. 30 Dex and 20 Agi)

The reason you do not want the ratio too far apart is because the cost per stat increases as you level them. Every 10th stat point will costs 1 more attribute point to level.

Don’t worry about getting it too perfect early on. You will eventually have access to unlimited free skill and stat resets.

Luk will be more useful later as Crit needs damage + atk speed to be useful.


As an Archer, you will have a total of 40 Skill points to allocate. The below are the recommended skill allocations:


Elemental Arrow
10+30 Atk
+100 Auto Atk
(When using bows)

Vulture's Eye
10+50% Range
+20 Hit

Owl's Eye
10+10 Dex

Arrow Shower
104x75% Atk
(8 Enemies)

I recommend Arrow Shower over Double Strafe. As Double Strafe’s cast time makes it less useful for the ADL build (As a bonus you won’t have to worry about mana management).

Additionally, being an AOE spell, Arrow Shower’s is particularly useful when having to kill groups of mobs. Eg. Rift Quests and during Hunter Job Change Quest.

As for order of importance:

  1. Elemental Arrow (Max First)
  2. Vulture’s Eye/Owl’s Eye (You can level these evenly together)
  3. Arrow Shower


If you ended up rolling any Saint gear then use it instead of the equipment listed below.

The Saint Bow
The Saint Bow is especially good early on as it not only provides +10% Base Exp on killing monsters but also the weapons stats itself improve as you level.

You can replace it after you obtain a 2 Slot Tier IV Crossbow (you’ll also need a couple of cards to make use of that extra slot).

The Cross Bow
Speaking of Crossbow, if you don’t have the fortune of starting with a Saint Bow, the Crossbow will suffice.

Below is a set of beginner gear you can aim for. All equipment can be crafted once you have the required materials:

EquipmentCrafting MaterialsCrafting Location
ragnarok mobile crossbow
Cross Bow [1]
(Weapon - Bow)
5x Iron
100x Jellopy
ragnarok mobile fox wrist guard
Fox Wrist Guard
(Off-hand - Bracer)
15x Gold Sand
185x Hard Skin
ragnarok mobile tights
15x Coal
150x Sticky Mucus
ragnarok mobile cotton shirt
Cotton Shirt
100x Rotten Bandage
180x Feather
ragnarok mobile shoes
15x Coal
15x Iron

Looking for more equip info? Check out our Equipment Crafting Guide.

Accessories are quite expensive early on. If you aren’t lucky enough to have a Saint Ring feel free to put off filling this equip slot for now. Otherwise, you can complete Rifts to try your luck at looting some:

  • Level 15 – West Gate Rift (Flower Ring)
  • Level 30 – Underwater Cave Rift (Gloves, Brooch)


MonsterLevelSizeElementWeakness(Base+Job Exp)/HPNotable DropsSuggested Location
Wormtail17MEarthFire0.963Great Nature, JellopyProntera North
Rocker19MEarthFire0.402JellopyLabyrinth Forest
Skeletons30MUndeadFire0.127Steel, Awakening PotionSunken Ship
Goblin Archer37SWaterWind0.096Sticky MucusGoblin Forest
Steam Goblin39MWindEarth0.071CoalGoblin Forest

You will roughly be between Base Level 10-40 as an Archer.

Rockers & Wormtails
Leveling your Archer is quite straight forward. Either Rockers (Special Labyrinth Forest Spot) or Wormtails (Prontera North). These monsters will provide a quick path to Hunter.

This is because both Rockers and Wormtails have very high Exp to Hp ratios, making them perfect for leveling.

Out of the two, Wormtail has the higher ratio. However you may want to factor in that Rockers have a higher density (Arrow shower can suppliment your auto attack and can kill multiple Rockers at the same time) plus they are a higher level (higher exp penalty threshold).

The Drops
As for drops, both Rockers and Wormtails give pretty trash items. One tip is to sell your loot fast. Easy to get items like Jellopy and Great Nature drop in price fast.

Focus on Leveling
Monsters like Skeletons give better loot (Steel, Awakening Potion). Whilst zeny is super important in Ragnarok Mobile, it is often more recommended to focus on levels early on.

This is because, higher levels will give you the stats and skills needed to farm higher level mobs. These higher level mobs typically have even better loot, especially if there aren’t many players farming them yet.

Base Level 15? Unlock Mission Board Quest
Base Level 20? Unlock the Assistant.
Base Level 21? Unlock Training Ground.
Base Level 30? Get your first Pet.

Once you hit Job Level 40, it’s time to change to Hunter.

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