Join the Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Stage of Wonders Event and earn Primogems and more. The tower defense game is back with new features.

Event Details

Event Duration
Event Gameplay Period: 2021/08/12 10:00 – 2021/08/26 03:59 (Server Time)
Event Shop Duration: 2021/08/12 10:00 – 2021/08/30 03:59 (Server Time)

Adventure Rank 30 or above
And complete the Archon Quest “Ritou Escape Plan”

Event Description

  1. Use Veneficus Points to construct towers to defend against incoming opponents.
  2. Spend Veneficus Points to purchase Wondrous Sticks to buff your towers.
  3. Complete missions to obtain Wondrous Talismans (Event Shop Currency) and unlock the exclusive event card “Celebration: Wondrous Calculation”.
  4. There are a total of 10 stages. Stages will be unlocked as the event progresses.
  5. Characters cannot deal damage but can apply elemental status to opponents.
  6. Complete challenges to gain Mechanicus Mastery EXP (can be spent to upgrade towers).


  1. Characters that can consistently apply elemental status can be useful especially Cryo/Hydro for freeze.
  2. Characters with attacks/abilities that provide knock back can also be useful.
  3. Use a combination of Hydro and Cryo towers to freeze enemies.
  4. Place Anemo towers to make use of its knock back effect.