How to beat Spiral Abyss Floor 11 with the new Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents in Genshin Impact Update 1.5. Here’s a guide with tips to help you clear the floor.

Floor 9 and Floor 10 remain unchanged.

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Party Setup

Primary DPS Lv. 80+
Supports Lv. 60+

Element 1Element 2Element 3Healer
First Half

(F2P Suggestions)

Second Half

(F2P Suggestions)



The 2nd Half of Chamber 3 is where you will face the new Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents enemy. It’s not a particularly difficult battle but just be aware once its health is low it will activate its Hydro Shield making physical attacks ineffective. Ideally your primary DPS character should have a means of dealing consistent Elemental Damage.

Read more about shield counters.

Ley Line Disorder

  • Your characters will be preiodically inflicted with Slowing Water, greatly increasing your skills’ CD duration until the inflicted Hydro element is removed.
  • Physical DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%.

Chamber 1

  1. [First Half] Just like with the previous version the goal is to protect the monolith. However this time its a bunch of Treasure Hoarders. It’s much easier now to hold aggro as these mobs don’t have annoying shields that protect them from stagger and crowd control skills like Venti’s Elemental Burst.
  2. [First Half] Using Venti/Sucrose makes things pretty simple. But if not here’s who to focus on the enemies targeting the Monolith:
    – 1st Wave: Crusher (Hammer) and Pugilist (Fighter)
    – 2nd Wave: Marksman (the ranged Crossbowman)
    – 3rd Wave: Crusher + one of the Marksmen
    – 4th Wave: Pugilist + one of the Marksmen
  1. [Second Half] This half is simpler. There are just 2 waves. In both aim for the Potioneers (ranged enemies that throw bottles).

Chamber 2

  1. [First Half] Aim for the Hydrogunner first as it has the ability to heal.
  2. [First Half] You can take out the Anemoboxer next so you can freely cast spells.
  3. [First Half] Use Cryo for Electrohammer shield
  1. [Second Half] Again aim for the Hydrogunner first.
  2. [Second Half] Use Geo against Geochanter shield and Cryo against Electrohammer Shield

The additional CD from the Ley Line disorder will significantly reduce skill uptime. Characters that can deal consistent Cryo damage (eg Chongyun, Ganyu) are great for dealing with the two Electrohammer Vanguards.

Chamber 3

  1. [First Half] Use Pyro against the Cryo Cicin Shield and Cryo against the Electro Cicin Shield.
  2. [First Half] Just be careful once the Electro Cicin Mage shield is charged as it will start dealing significant damage to nearby characters. Consider using Elemental Burst to deal damage whilst waiting out its uptime.
  1. [Second Half] The Abyss Herald Wicked Torrents is a Water element based enemy. Use Cryo to apply freeze for additional damage.
  2. [Second Half] Once the Abyss Herald is low health it will activate its Hydro Shield making it very durable. Use Elemental Damage to break it (Cryo is best).

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