Arrowheads in Genshin Impact are dropped by ranged Hilichurl Shooters. Here are 3 spots all in one location to help you farm Arrowheads.


Hilichurl Shooter Location 1
Hilichurl Shooter Location 2
Hilichurl Shooter Location 3

The 3 spots can be found in a Hilichurl camp in Dadupa Gorge. You will find a total of 7 Hilichurl shooters. It’s a quick run and you can do it daily to top up your arrowhead supply.

  1. The first location has 2x Hilichurl Shooters.
  2. Next you’ll find 3x Hilichurl Shooters doing target practice.
  3. The Hilichurl Guard in the hut will spawn 2x Hilichurl Shooters.