Consume Heart of Moment to unlock Heart’s Origin rune nodes for Map buff, Goddess Gospel, Gold Medal, Contribution and a variety of rewards.

This new feature is basically a bit of a catch up mechanic for new/returning players. It provides buffs for lower level maps as well as the item Goddess Gospel which levels up your Guild Goddess Pray level, with the final reward increasing all your Pray level to 70.

Heart’s Origin Levels and Unlocked Node progress is shared across all your characters on your account.

How to Get Heart of Moment

Heart of Moment can be obtained from specific mobs (you can find a list by clicking the plus icon on the main Heart’s Origin page), completing quests or purchased from the Prontera Event NPC for 2,000z each.

Unlocking Nodes and Rewards

The Yimir Heart has 5 segments, each segment has 5 nodes making up a total of 25 levels to unlock. Additional segments are unlocked as you progress.

There are 2 sets of rewards that are simultaneously unlocked. Unlocking Nodes will give Node specific rewards, click on each segment to view the rewards available.

As you unlock nodes your Yimir Heart will level up and also provide rewards (the last reward is unlocked at Lv.23). Click on the gift icon in the top left to collect your rewards.

Each node requires a specific amount of Heart of Moment to unlock. For instance the first segment’s nodes cost 100, 150, 200, 300 and 300 Heart of Moment to complete. This totals 1,050 Heart of Moment which can be purchased for 2.1mil zeny.

Map Buffs

There is only one map buff to unlock. It can be obtained by unlocking the first node of the Heart of Trial segment of the Yimir Heart. It provides +10% Heart of Moment drops.

This buff is effective on:

  • Prontera South, West and North
  • Underwater Cave and Underwater Temple
  • Mjolnir Mountains
  • Pyramid 1F/2F/3F
  • Goblin Forest
  • Sograt Desert
  • Toy Factory 1F/2F
  • Einbroch Field
  • Lighthalzen Plain
  • Homunculus Lab
  • Rift Instances (Eddga’s Roar, Strouf’s Storm, Morroc Shadow, Seal under Sakura and Moonlit Rendezvous)