The Ragnarok Mobile Lover’s Event is a daily quest available during the Jojo’s Ragnarok Adventure Event (I’m Not Poring). Complete the quest to receive a Lover’s Gift Box.

Open the Lovers Giftbox for one of the following: 2x Praying Card Pack, 2x Gold Medal, 2x Mora Coin, 2x Valkyrie Gift, 1x Mastela Seed, 2x Food Vouchers Plus 50x Game Designer Event Coin

Completing The Daily Quest

First accept the quest from Farrar in Prontera.

The quest requires you to “take the vehicle with party”. Ok… So what it’s trying to tell you to do is to get on one of 3 available rides in Ragnarok Mobile.

  1. South Gate Poring Bloom
  2. Underwater Temple Whale
  3. Payon South Kite

The easiest one to get to is the big Poring hot air balloon that can be found in Prontera South Gate. (See Above – Speak to the Green Haired Kafra Girl named Alin)

Can you ride it alone?
Yes, but to complete the quest you will need to ride it with a party member.

Your base level needs to be higher than 12 to receive the quest.