How to get gold medals and guild contribution points. Below are a couple methods you can use to help you get what you need to unlock more Guild Runes and progress your character.

1. Guild Donation

Your primary method for obtaining Gold Medals (donate boss mats) and Guild Contribution Points (donate regular mats).

2. Guild Dojo

A once off contribution point reward is available for every Guild Dojo level you complete. A 5x contribution point assistance reward is also available for helping party members with their completion.

3. Guild Quests

Earn Contribution Points from completing Guild Quests from your Guild Hall. Many of these require additional guild members. Don’t want to bother anyone? Check out this solo quick and easy guild quest.

4. Guild Facility

Get Contribution Points for assisting with the construction and upgrade of guild facilities (Incredible Vending Machine, Black Cat Cafe, Bizarre Cat Litter Box and Magic Sewing Machine).

5. Bizarre Cat Litter Box

You can spend Shining Glass for a chance to obtain Contribution Points (other rewards include Zeny, Eden Coin and Honor Proof).

To ensure max rewards you may want to wait until your guild has the highest level Cat Litter Box.

6. Poring Fight Event

You can purchase 1x Gold Medal for 600x Poring’s Favor. Poring’s Favor can be earned from participating in the weekly Poring Fight Event.

7. Adventurer Coin Shop

These Green Cat Coins can be redeemed for Gold Medals. They very rare and are available as event/compensation rewards. Maybe it’s best to save up for that shiny Gold Deviruchi Wing.

8. Valkyrie’s Gift and Guild’s Gift

Open a Valkyrie Gift for 500x Contribution Points or a Guilds Gift for 25x Contribution Points. Both of these have been previously available as event rewards. The Guild’s Gift however can also be purchased from the Mentor Shop for 45x Mentor Medals.

9. Valkyrie’s Guidance Chest

Can be purchased from the B Coin Store for 6 BCC. Each one will give 5x Guild’s Gift and 1x Gold Medal.

10. Student Growth Rewards

Find a mentor and level up. You will receive a Gold Medal for reaching Levels 40, 50, 60 and 70.

11. Pet Labor

You can receive Contribution Points from the Guild Pet Labor slot (A Sohee is great here). You’re probably already making use of this one for the Honor Proof for your Praying Cards.

Bonus: Event Rewards

Ragnarok Mobile often has events which provide a variety of rewards including Cosmetics, Equipment, Cards, Mastela Fruit and More. Among these more valuable rewards there are often also Gold Medals and Contribution Points available for collection. Don’t miss out!